With power finally returning to areas of New York City, resilience is an idea that is on everyone’s minds. For many homes and businesses that are fortunate enough to be back in working order, the return to normalcy is just around the corner. But for many others, these recent events have shed light on problems that must be addressed while the event is still with us. In addition to recovery, we have to prepare for future events of this nature and perhaps of even greater magnitude. “In just 14 months, two hurricanes have forced us to evacuate neighborhoods — something our city government had never done before. If this is a trend, it is simply not sustainable,” Mayor Bloomberg stated in an editorial on Thursday.

This time of recovery should include consideration of what coverage we are receiving under our renter’s insurance policies. It should include serious planning that takes into account the possibility of future evacuations – planning that eliminates the mad dash for emergency supplies that took place in the last seconds before the hurricane hit. If you were already thinking of moving, now is the best time to find another place that is more secure and more conscious of severe conditions.

In order to assist renters during this time, we’ve consulted several of our top agents for their advice on searching under the current circumstances:


In regards to hunters that need to move ASAP, it would be wise for them to ask their brokers which landlords have offices/operations based above 40th and which are below. This way they can know what to expect in regards to hear back from leasing offices. If they absolutely must move ASAP they should look to apply with those based in offices further uptown.


This is a delicate issue. Many people have experienced a loss of property and lots of others are dealing with the effects of flooding or power outages. That said, if you are not working the rest of this week because of the transit disruptions, it’s a very good time to find a willing agent and go out and look at apartments, especially north of midtown (which was largely unaffected).  The first few weeks of the month are always the best time to look and I don’t think November is going to much different. The clients I’ve talked to who were due to move out today are moving out. That means lots of newly vacant units on the market in the next couple days with far fewer people looking than usual. If you’re aggressive you can have your pick of the best apartments available.


Unless you need an immediate move-in, I would do searching online only, get familiar with pricing in specific areas. Also most December 1st availability are not on the market yet. They will start appearing this weekend and early next week.