How to Maximize Your Unused Space

A few years ago National Geographic did the math and realized that if everyone in the world stood shoulder to shoulder, we would all fit in Los Angeles. Granted, this isn’t the most useful of thought experiments, but it illustrates something shockingly obvious that we’re all constantly overlooking – there’s plenty of space to go around. Take NYC, for example. This is a city where getting an apartment even remotely close to what you wanted is a cause for celebration. But if you’re anything like 69% of most New Yorkers, you’ll spend countless years moving up a few hundred square feet at a time in your search for the “perfect place.” But the perfect place (space-wise) can be any place, really, as long as you’re creative. Here are 5 parts of your apartment to rethink and discover all the square feet you’ve been overlooking (unless you’re a master-organizer and space utilizer, in which case, well done). 1. Your bed Ever notice how when you have friends over, they crash on the couch? Your bed can be your couch, and vice-versa. This simple rethinking of big furniture can save you tons of space – and potentially even free up an entire room. […]

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7 Ways to Catch Some Rays in NYC this Spring

Ah, spring! This long winter has left us craving sun, and it’s finally here! But getting sun isn’t always easy in the city, where many of us live in spaces where we have to crane our necks just to see the sky. Even if you can’t afford that Park Avenue co-op with its private garden and commodious hot tub, you can still find ways to relax, get some sun and enjoy the great outdoors this spring. Here are 7 great ways to do it. […]

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4 Tips to Avoid Renter’s Remorse

You’ve just unpacked the last few boxes, hung your favorite art on the walls and finally kicked your heels up in your new apartment when a sinking feeling sets in. This place somehow doesn’t measure up… it’s not the apartment you actually want to live in. […]

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The Top 10 List of Top 10 Lists

We get it. Everyone’s busy. Who has the time to read all those Top 10 lists? So: Here’s The Top 10 List of Top 10 Lists. […]

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9 Secret Places to Visit in NYC

The Secret Entrance to Naked Apartments Headquarters

There are a lot of things to love about this rambunctious city, including the many secret spectacles hidden in plain sight. New York is infamous for its underground oddities, sequestered speakeasies, and tucked-away treasures. Unfortunately, not all of them are public, and some no longer exist (RIP 5 Pointz). In an attempt to consolidate the laundry lists out there and filter the public from the private and the secret from the not-so-secret (yes, everyone already knows about the Whispering Gallery in Grand Central), we’ve put together this shortlist of 9 secret spots you can most certainly visit on your next day off. […]

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Favorite NYC Apartments on TV

Back when everyone was gushing about “Friends,” a few killjoys liked to grouse that Monica Geller’s NYC apartment was unrealistically big for a pair of young, underemployed 20-somethings. But their living situation was easily explained by the fact that: 1) the place was handed down from Monica’s grandmother and: 2) it was make believe, people. Remember how Monica dated Tom Selleck? That wasn’t real, either. Besides, Hollywood specializes in creating fantasies, and if they can trick the rest of the country into thinking regular folks can afford a swinging pad with a huge living room and skyline views, then let there be blissful ignorance. Here are five TV shows that featured our favorite fake Big Apple apartments on TV: “Friends” Luckily for Monica, her grandmother picked out the spacious 2-bedroom apartment with a killer balcony years earlier, when rent control kept things sane. As a result, Monica, who at one time had just $127 in the bank, only had to cook up $200 a month for this place, located at the corner of Grove and Bedford in Greenwich Village. (Some say it’d actually cost about $5k a month today.) Even then she needed a roomie to make it work. […]

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What 3 Things Matter Most?

The sad truth is that finding a good New York apartment is difficult. But, hey, this is New. York. City. The center of everything, where everyone wants to be. There’s a reason that apartments are hard to find. Before you start looking, take time to identify the three most important things you need in your new apartment. Just three. Anything else is a bonus. […]

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Top 5 Craziest Roommate Stories

Here’s a collection of some of the weirdest, wildest, and creepiest roommate stories from around the web. All of them have been paraphrased from the originals in order to keep things nice and tidy. There is, of course, no way to verify the legitimacy of any of these stories (since many of them are user-submitted on sites like Jezebel and Reddit), but some of them are so strange they couldn’t have been made up. 1. Creepy Creeper (YouTube user: Joe Cummings) Judge for yourself whether this is the craziest “roommate” you’ve ever seen. Ever felt like there’s a creepy creeper in the room with you? Suspicious that your roommate is eating your food when you’re not there? Most of the time those are simply that: feelings and suspicions. But sometimes they’re not. Now we’re not saying you should set up a nanny cam every time you’re worried, but check out what this guy found when he did just that: […]

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The 10 Most Creative Apartment Buildings in the World

10. Habitat 67 – Montreal, Canada (1967) Created for the International and Universal Exposition held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1967 (considered by some to be the most successful World’s Fair of all time), Habitat was designed by Israeli-Canadian architect Moshe Safdie. What started out as a master’s thesis in architecture at McGill University was built as a pavilion for Expo 67. The architectural marvel contains 354 identifcal concrete units that are just arranged and stacked differently. Each unit has its own private terrace, up to 90 square meters in size.

Habitat 67

Photographer: Brian Pirie from Ottawa, Canada


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NYC’s Potential Basement Bonanza

Anyone who’s lived outside of Manhattan knows the deal: there are dozens of basement dwellings up for rent any day of the week in the five boroughs. Known as ADUs (accessory dwelling units), they’re nearly all based out of row houses and condos in outer boroughs, particularly in low-rent neighborhoods. You won’t be able to find them on all the major sites, however, because these spaces are, and always have been, illegal.  Even with all the standard requirements — two exits, windows, proper ventilation, running hot water, etc — these units are illegal because they are more than 50% below ground. If you’ve ever lived in your parents’ basement, it’s not hard to see why the city has outlawed these dwellings for decades. Most landlords don’t bother keeping their basements furnished or in any state of repair, and they don’t have to because basement renters won’t complain. They’re caught in the catch-22 of NYC apartment rentals: they can’t report irresponsible landlords, and they won’t report them because basements are so cheap. […]

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