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Naked Apartments Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Winner - NYU student Chloe H.

Congratulations to Chloe H. for winning the Naked Apartments $500 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!!!

A freshman at the NYU College of Arts and Sciences, Chloe is currently in student housing but had already begun looking into apartments even before she arrived in New York City.

“It is frustrating that the apartments closer to campus are so expensive when they are so small… I do not want an alcove studio for $3,000 a month.”

Chloe is hoping to save up enough to eventually land a one bedroom apartment.

“It’ll probably be in Brooklyn or Harlem because they have the best prices that I have seen.”

What is she going to do with the 500 bucks she just won? School books? Dorm furnishings? Nope. Chloe is already looking forward to the holidays.

“I’ll probably use it for ordering real Christmas presents for my fiancé and my family instead of all the Starbucks gift cards I thought I would have to get.”

Thank you to all who entered into the Giveaway and don’t forget to check back with our Facebook page for future opportunities to win!

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Picture of the two renters.

  • Budget: $2,400
  • Neighborhoods searched: Morningside. Anywhere near Columbia
  • Websites used: Craigslist, Naked ApartmentsStreetEasy
  • Been hunting for: One month
  • Number of places seen: 20+ apartments
  • Biggest peeve: Bait and Switch. Sometimes agents advertise fake apartments in order to attract renters. Then, when a renter inquires about the listing, the agent will say it was already rented and try to sell them a more expensive, but lower quality apartment. (At Naked Apartments, we kick brokers off our site for doing this. Just sayin’…)

When Megan Meza and Desiree Chavis met at a job interview for Manhattan-based ad agency Ogilvy and Mather, they had no idea of what awaited them. The two soon-to-be roommates are recent college graduates from rival schools Duke University and University of North Carolina (respectively), and have bonded over what they refer to as “the harshness of New York City apartment hunting.” Their road to renting has been full of twists, turns, and dead ends created by the labyrinthine nature of New York City apartment hunting. This journey has led them through over 20 apartments in the past month and it all started with a scam. [Read more →]

Average Utility Bill

September 5th, 2012 : Travis Hill

Average Utility Bill. When hunting for an apartment, renters are often reminded to budget for utilities, but how much should they budget? To answer that question, we asked New York City renters to estimate their bills. The average cost of electric according to our renters is $75 per month. For cable television, the average is $116 per month. For Internet access, the average cost is $45 per month.   Here are some Renter’s Tips to save on your Average Utility Bill:  Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs) can save you up to $60 per bulb in electricity costs over their lifetimes.  Getting rid of your landline in favor of your cell phone or Skype can save you $20-50 a month.  Instead of paying hundreds for cable, try using services like NETFLIX and HULU PLUS to instantly watch your favorite movies and TV shows anytime. Each service starts at around $7.99 per month.





















With utilities, broker fees, moving costs, furnishing costs, and security deposits, moving into a new apartment costs much more than just the monthly rent. In order to help answer the question of how much to budget for the average utility bill, we asked New York City renters to tell us what they are currently paying.

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What Makes a Great Real Estate Broker?

If you were to describe your ideal broker or agent, one that you would refer to your friends, you’d probably use words like: helpful, professional, experienced, honest, understanding, nice, and even perfect.  

We analyzed 50,000 words from our top-rated agent reviews to uncover the most commonly used words and phrases, and here they are, in all their word-cloud-glory. (The bigger the word, the more prevalent it was.)

word cloud of positive real estate broker reviews

We are fascinated by the smart use of tiny apartments, and dig *faircompanies for continually producing great videos on the topic.

Remodeling 270 square feet of rooftop storage, where a building’s water tanks were housed, into an incredible apartment in lovely Barcelona (Bar-the-lona).

[

How does a site or app best convey the look, sounds and vibe of a NYC neighborhood?  Vidaao, in partnership with Bond New York, is testing video as one method and we’re including two of their videos on our neighborhood pages.  Take a look and let us know what you think.

Greenwich village video tourGreenwich Village

[

We’re repeatedly asked when Naked Apartments will move into other cities.  (Answer: in time…) But when you consider the sheer size of NYC’s boroughs, you could say we’re already simplifying renting in 4 of the top 10 cities in the US. [Read more →]

64% of renters want smoke-free buildings, but 65% of renters aren't willing to pay for the luxury.

64% of NYC renters want smoke-free buildings, but they
aren’t willing to pay for the luxury. [

The Hard Sell

May 28th, 2012 : Travis Hill

The pressure of the situation made the room feel more like it was used for interrogations than conferences. The three of us were hungry, exhausted, and had just been told that we had 30 minutes to hand over several thousand dollars in exchange for an apartment that we weren’t even sure we wanted. Why were we still there?

[

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The most difficult part of New York City apartment hunting is getting started. I drifted towards anything that seemed like it would take steps out of my search because how was I supposed to know what I don’t know about? “No-fee” sounds like heaven with a hyphen. [Read more →]

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