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Once again FairCompanies produces an incredible video on maximizing the use of small spaces.  Watch a 420 square foot SoHo apartment  transform into 1100 square feet of functionality. “The main idea is to get double, triple, quadruple, use out of every space.”

The mastermind behind the concept is Graham Hill.  You can learn more about the apartment, his company, and his philosophy at LifeEdited.

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When my roommates and I unanimously decided that we were going to get a puppy, I started scouring the web for tips on pet ownership in New York City. As is usual on the Internet, what I found was a lot of disagreement. Angry residents were in uproar about their building becoming a dirty, noisy madhouse by suddenly allowing pets. Meanwhile, pet owners told horrific tales of pet eviction and harassment by other tenants. Both sides furiously attempted to illustrate their frustrations with one another even though the problems were probably caused by a few irresponsible individuals.

The fact is that some apartment buildings need to be pet-friendly while some apartment buildings need to be pet-free, but that does not mean that there can’t be a healthy middle ground. So for the sake of keeping the peace within that space, here are some tips for Pet-Friendly Apartment Hunting as well as some ways to demonstrate responsible pet ownership to your potential landlord or condo board. [Read more →]

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With power finally returning to areas of New York City, resilience is an idea that is on everyone’s minds. For many homes and businesses that are fortunate enough to be back in working order, the return to normalcy is just around the corner. But for many others, these recent events have shed light on problems that must be addressed while the event is still with us. In addition to recovery, we have to prepare for future events of this nature and perhaps of even greater magnitude. “In just 14 months, two hurricanes have forced us to evacuate neighborhoods — something our city government had never done before. If this is a trend, it is simply not sustainable,” Mayor Bloomberg stated in an editorial on Thursday. [Read more →]

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The damage that Sandy has caused is unimaginable. If you’re one of the thousands of individuals who have suffered from the hurricane, our hearts go out to you. We hope that you’re safe.

For those with renters insurance that have also suffered property damage, and are wondering about making a claim, below are some contact numbers and links that should be helpful. Please be prepared, however, for the high likelihood that your policy does not cover damage from a hurricane/flooding.  [Read more →]

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We at Naked Apartments are big believers in connecting with customers to build better solutions to their problems. One way we connect is through social media, primarily Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blogging. Since we launched Naked Apartments in 2010, we’ve learned a lot about these channels, but those lessons were time consuming and resource intensive. If only Stephanie Davis (NYC’s imitable social media guru) taught a class two years ago on social media… The good news for you is that Stephanie now offers classes through her company Social Terra Consulting, and Naked Apartments is proud to sponsor them.

Social Terra Consulting

Social Terra's Logo [

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Apartment Listing Photos

October 15th, 2012 : Travis Hill

If there is anything that we can all agree on about apartment listings, it’s the importance of pictures. Without them, listings are easily overlooked and mistrusted. In fact, a recent Naked Apartments survey found that 70% of renters identified issues with photos as their main turn-off when sifting through apartment listings.

But there is much more to it than just taking any photo and calling it a day. Photo sets are often the first impression that a renter has and if pictures are carelessly taken or if it seems like there’s something withheld from the set, listings can go stale or lose value over something that is easily remedied.

[

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Naked Apartments Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Winner - NYU student Chloe H.

Congratulations to Chloe H. for winning the Naked Apartments $500 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!!!

A freshman at the NYU College of Arts and Sciences, Chloe is currently in student housing but had already begun looking into apartments even before she arrived in New York City.

“It is frustrating that the apartments closer to campus are so expensive when they are so small… I do not want an alcove studio for $3,000 a month.”

Chloe is hoping to save up enough to eventually land a one bedroom apartment.

“It’ll probably be in Brooklyn or Harlem because they have the best prices that I have seen.”

What is she going to do with the 500 bucks she just won? School books? Dorm furnishings? Nope. Chloe is already looking forward to the holidays.

“I’ll probably use it for ordering real Christmas presents for my fiancé and my family instead of all the Starbucks gift cards I thought I would have to get.”

Thank you to all who entered into the Giveaway and don’t forget to check back with our Facebook page for future opportunities to win!

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Picture of the two renters.

  • Budget: $2,400
  • Neighborhoods searched: Morningside. Anywhere near Columbia
  • Websites used: Craigslist, Naked ApartmentsStreetEasy
  • Been hunting for: One month
  • Number of places seen: 20+ apartments
  • Biggest peeve: Bait and Switch. Sometimes agents advertise fake apartments in order to attract renters. Then, when a renter inquires about the listing, the agent will say it was already rented and try to sell them a more expensive, but lower quality apartment. (At Naked Apartments, we kick brokers off our site for doing this. Just sayin’…)

When Megan Meza and Desiree Chavis met at a job interview for Manhattan-based ad agency Ogilvy and Mather, they had no idea of what awaited them. The two soon-to-be roommates are recent college graduates from rival schools Duke University and University of North Carolina (respectively), and have bonded over what they refer to as “the harshness of New York City apartment hunting.” Their road to renting has been full of twists, turns, and dead ends created by the labyrinthine nature of New York City apartment hunting. This journey has led them through over 20 apartments in the past month and it all started with a scam. [Read more →]

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Average Utility Bill

September 5th, 2012 : Travis Hill

Average Utility Bill. When hunting for an apartment, renters are often reminded to budget for utilities, but how much should they budget? To answer that question, we asked New York City renters to estimate their bills. The average cost of electric according to our renters is $75 per month. For cable television, the average is $116 per month. For Internet access, the average cost is $45 per month.   Here are some Renter’s Tips to save on your Average Utility Bill:  Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs) can save you up to $60 per bulb in electricity costs over their lifetimes.  Getting rid of your landline in favor of your cell phone or Skype can save you $20-50 a month.  Instead of paying hundreds for cable, try using services like NETFLIX and HULU PLUS to instantly watch your favorite movies and TV shows anytime. Each service starts at around $7.99 per month.





















With utilities, broker fees, moving costs, furnishing costs, and security deposits, moving into a new apartment costs much more than just the monthly rent. In order to help answer the question of how much to budget for the average utility bill, we asked New York City renters to tell us what they are currently paying.

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What Makes a Great Real Estate Broker?

If you were to describe your ideal broker or agent, one that you would refer to your friends, you’d probably use words like: helpful, professional, experienced, honest, understanding, nice, and even perfect.  

We analyzed 50,000 words from our top-rated agent reviews to uncover the most commonly used words and phrases, and here they are, in all their word-cloud-glory. (The bigger the word, the more prevalent it was.)

word cloud of positive real estate broker reviews

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