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Moving to NYC from Elsewhere

(Source: Kathleen Bence via Flickr Creative Commons) Relocating to a new city can be stressful. With a population of over 8 million people spread across five boroughs, adjusting to NYC’s hyper-urban setting can be daunting. Sure, I thought I was prepared. “It will be like a larger version of San Francisco, just less [...]

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What is a Roommate Agreement and Should I Have One?

If you are taking cues from Friends on what it's like to rent with roommates in NYC, you're going to be in for a rude awakening. Imagine this: You’re living with a new human in your life -- could be a friend or a stranger -- and all of a sudden, they do something that [...]

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5 Affordable, Under-the-Radar Neighborhoods in NYC

In New York City, neighborhoods constantly volley for the title of hippest, cheapest, most expensive or best place to raise a family. But superlatives have their limitations, so instead of chasing trends and popularity, we’re exploring the lesser-known gems and enclaves of NYC. Check out these five under-the-radar neighborhoods that you and your friends would [...]

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Budget Guide: How to Afford Living in NYC

(Source: Asim Bharwani via Flickr Creative Commons) No matter how you slice it, living in New York City is expensive. But as the old axiom goes, you’re paying for “location, location, location.” And when it comes to the preeminent location for career development, diversity, culture and night life, well, you just can't beat [...]

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Help! My Roommate Eats All My Leftovers. What Do I Do?

(Source: Christopher Penn via Flickr Creative Commons) You’re on the train home after a long day at work and you’re starving. All you can think about are the leftovers from last night’s takeout that are waiting for you in the fridge. How good it will feel to crack open that cardboard takeout box, [...]

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Guide to Renter’s Rights in NYC

(Source: J.L. McVay via Flickr Creative Commons) There are some things in life you can be casual about. Happy hour, cut-off shorts, kickball, responding to texts from your mom. There are other things, however, that you definitely cannot be casual about. Chief among those are your rights as a renter and the terms [...]

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The Hidden Costs of New Apartments

(Source: Barbara Krawcowicz via Flickr Creative Commons) You might write off moving expenses as one of the smaller financial concerns of your apartment search (especially compared to broker fees, new furniture, etc.) but there are many hidden costs of moving in NYC that extend beyond renting a truck and tipping the man with [...]

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Guide to Renting With Roommates in NYC

Is it just me, or does everyone imagine their first NYC apartment will be a cozy one-bedroom in the West Village decorated just so, and, most importantly, all one’s own? For most of us, that dream is dashed as soon as the stark reality of the rent-to-income ratio sets in. Suddenly, not only is the [...]

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Heating Tips for Your NYC Apartment

(Source: Allen Skyy via Flickr Creative Commons) If you haven't spent a winter in NYC, know this: January and February can be particularly chilly. Get ahead of the cold by making sure your apartment is prepared to tackle the impending arctic blast. Make Sure Your Heat is Working First things first: Make sure [...]

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Brooklyn’s Best Pizza By Neighborhood

Growing up in Park Slope in the 90’s there were three pizzerias lined up along 7th Avenue: Roma, in the north, Pino’s, across the street from PS 321, and Smiling, sitting on a lucrative corner right above the F train. My friends and I would argue about who made the best slice. The kids from [...]

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