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Sharing Rent When Your Partner Makes More

Source: Tamara Alvarez via Flickr Creative Commons Moving in with your SO is an exciting time, but for many couples, it can also be the first time you dive into serious talk about money. While you may have talked off-the-cuff about feeling broke, wishing you got a raise or what you’d do if [...]

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Best NYC Neighborhoods for 2BRs Under $2K

Landing a two-bedroom apartment in NYC for $2,000 and under is, perhaps, the holy grail of apartments in NYC. Not only does it guarantee more space, but it also keeps your rent under $1,000, assuming you would split the cost with a roommate. Although renting with a roommate isn’t for everyone, it’s a surefire way [...]

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Local Hacks: Best of ClassPass New York City

When it comes to fitness goals, there's no shortage of inspiration in New York City. Just walk down the street here and chances are good that you will run into an inordinate number of good-looking model types. And damn! Don’t you wish you were fit! You swear to do the Full30 and you mean it this [...]

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How Do You Know? Tips for Couples Moving in Together

(Source: Thomas Hawk via Flickr Creative Commons) Are you and your significant other thinking of taking the plunge and moving in together? There are so many pros to shacking up that it can be tempting to do so sooner rather than later. But, before you mix and mingle your books and start buying Ikea [...]

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Is Your Apartment Safe? Common Security Issues in NYC Buildings

(Source: Steven Pisano via Flickr Creative Commons) In any big city, personal safety is a concern and New York City is no different. While your parents’ memories of the crime-ridden streets of the 70s are long gone, their daily texts checking on your whereabouts and well-being are understandable, especially if you are new [...]

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How to Help a Depressed Roommate

(Source: Jessamyn West via Flickr Creative Commons) If you suspect that your roommate may be depressed, here are some warning signs to look out for, and some sensitive ways for you to approach the issue and seek help if necessary. Is My Roommate Depressed? Warning Signs to Look Out For Depression can manifest [...]

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Guide to Subletting in NYC

Subletting your apartment in New York City is a lot like every other real estate transaction in the city. It's stressful and confusing at first, but ultimately manageable and worth the hassle. That is, of course, if you know what you are getting yourself into. This guide to subletting in NYC is a great place [...]

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Map of the Best Black History Month Events in NYC

No matter how uncooperative the weather, New York is never devoid of things to do. Black History Month is no exception. From the Harlem Renaissance to establishing one of the first free black settlements in America, NYC has much to offer when it comes to highlighting cultural contributions of the African diaspora. Although the great [...]

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Guide to Moving in NYC

So, you’ve finally found your dream apartment, signed the lease, and secured a rad roommate. After weeks of apartment hunting, open houses, application anxiety, and broker bartering, it’s safe to assume that the worst is all behind you – right?? WRONG! You still have to overcome one more hurdle before settling into your new digs [...]

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5 Under-the-Radar Date Ideas in NYC

There is no shortage of romantic date spots in New York City. From the top of the Empire State Building to champagne at Brooklyn's River Café, couples in NYC have their pick of iconic, Instagrammable vistas and venues. That is, of course, if you and your SO like those sort of dramatic expressions of love [...]

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