hurley500It’s possible you missed it. It’s possible you don’t care. It’s possible that Jacob has come back to life as Sayid! You know what else is possible? Getting kicked out of a bar that has reached maximum capacity due to the premiere of a TELEVISION SHOW!

What?! (Bars are for drinking silly bitches!)

Well it happens and it happened last night at the Bell House in Brooklyn. Not only did they host a raucous premiere party for LOST, but they also hosted a band with a cult-like following that was inspired by the show: Previously on Lost. I didn’t brave the snow to be a part of this insanity (please people—I’m a couch-reporter all the way). I was too busy eating my spaghetti squash and counting down the moments til I could pop an Ambien and settle in for the night. Such is the essence of a cozy winter in New York. Lucky for me, I have roommates who brave the world in search of silly fun. They always bring the insane and outrageous home to mama. It was they who got kicked out of the premiere at the Bell House and they who came home with a growler of beer from Bierkraft. I just sat there chewing on my squash watching them plug wires and cables into the TV. But fun is infectious and before I knew it we were all drunk, stealing a live stream off the internet (we don’t have cable, we’re broke!) and having our own premiere party. Afterward, we engaged in a live reading of different internet forums where we found people nerding out worse than us. Folks haven’t been this obsessed with TV since Donna lost her virginity to David on Bev-Niner! So I leave you to formulate your own time travel theories and stage your own coffee house readings with excerpts of fan insanity (fansanity?), courtesy of “Team Darlton” of

Anita Tue 02/02/10 11:18 PM …Also, I loved that Juliet is no more. I know that sounds cruel, but I never warmed up to her as a character. Her whining and failure to stand her ground in the beginning (this changed, of course) was something I could not get behind. Re the missing people on the plane, I thought it was so strange that Jack’s father’s body didn’t arrive. And I kept thinking that his body somehow dropped onto the island during that bumpy period. I was thinking that in the end when the men pull Jack away, we would see him coming face to face with Christian. Can’t wait for that to happen…

Mark Wed 02/03/10 12:13 AM I miss Juliet. It was hard to see her die again.

Vivi Tue 02/02/10 11:37 PM When the MIB/Locke disappeared, I thought he totally disappeared. Naive me. lol. Homie came back as Smokey. *shudders* Freaked me out! Then he goes, “Sorry you had to see me like that.” AWESOME!

KS Wed 02/03/10 12:15 AM When that happened, I knew that all my friends on the west coast were going to be SOOO jealous that I saw it before they did.

Elena Tue 02/02/10 11:21 PM oh man, what a doozy of an episode. I’m hating these flash-sideways only because they’re so damn infuriating (why does sawyer help kate out? why is jack stupid-seeming? why can locke not be badass anymore but still somehow seem awesomely wise from a wheelchair?), but I love them because they make me think of how much the characters have grown since their “birth” on the show. I can’t wait for more Lost! (but shame, to have me all upset about Juliet and then just kill her? ooh, dash my hopes! not cool)

Austin Tue 02/02/10 11:24 PM I find it suspicious that Christian Shepard’s casket is missing from Oceanic 815…especially since Christian has appeared to be such a significant figure in the series thus far.

OhioLockeFan Tue 02/02/10 11:47 PM Wonder if Jack and Juliet will meet up in a doctor/doctor scene?

Sbwm Wed 02/03/10 12:11 AM I think we can infer the Sawyer and Juliet still meet up thus the “let’s have coffee sometime. Dutch treat.”

Plum Tue 02/02/10 11:29 PM…and when Jack saves Charlie on the plane, Charlie tells him he SHOULD have died. Any meaning to that?…and notice the stewardess on the plane that gave Jack a couple mini-bottles of alcohol is also now an Other, she’s the one who said to the “Leader” that they were on Oceanic with her…and….so many new questions!!!

Dave Tue 02/02/10 11:32 PM If I’m not mistaken, the stewardess was Cindy. She was a tail section survivor (with Ana Lucia, Libby, etc). The Others captured her, and I believe she went along living with them.

Admiral Quality Wed 02/03/10 12:18 AM In the original 2004 events, she (Cindy) gives Jack TWO bottles. One of which he drinks immediately, the other he pockets and uses it to clean his wound when Kate’s stitching it up. I caught that immediately and doubt it’s a continuity error.

Celia Tue 02/02/10 11:29 PM And the Island was SUBMERGED!! I completely forgot about that. That was so creepy!

Katja Tue 02/02/10 11:55 PM I am so excited by all of this, I can’t even properly construct sentences any more. Whoops.

Rob Tue 02/02/10 11:35 PM I think the thing to consider at this point is that the alternative reality is not connected to the reality we’ve come to know. If the island was sunk in the past, this would inhibit Desmond from ever going there, but how would he find his way to Oceanic 815? The challenge with the flash-sideways is that timeline changes are not going to be explained, and I think many LOST viewers aren’t inclined to take things at face value…

Rokgerl Tue 02/02/10 11:53 PM Maybe Des went on the boat race around the world which ended in Austra