Displaying the average rent on an apartment's page.

Curious how an apartment’s monthly rent compares to similar apartments?  We now calculate how each apt compares to all others in the same neighborhood, with the same number of bedrooms, with similar amenities.  For example, if you’re looking at a 1 bedroom in Chinatown with a doorman, elevator and outdoor space, we’ll compare it to all other 1 beds in Chinatown with the same amenities.

You can find this new data on the bottom right of all apartment pages.  See the graphic above for an example.

We limit our calculations to the most popular amenities, so if you’re wondering why we don’t include things like dishwasers and in-unit laundry, it’s because the data set for apartments with those amenities isn’t as big.  Unfortunately, there just aren’t that many dishwashers and in-unit laundry in our old rickety NYC buildings.

Many of you requested this feature, and so, we built it.  Keep your ideas coming!