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It’s said that New York’s neighborhoods are  “the biggest collection of villages in the world.” In fact, there are over 150 villages to choose from and they’re all different.

But… what neighborhood characteristics matter most to renters? To answer that, we analyzed the search behavior of the last 25,000 renters on our popular Neighborhood Finder™.  Specifically, we looked at which of the 15 “neighborhood vibes” renters were selecting most often. The results are below.

Most Popular Neighborhood Characteristics

#1) Good Transportation

It comes as no surprise that the #1 trait people desire in a NYC neighborhood is its accessibility by public transportation. In fact, this characteristic was searched more than double the second most popular characteristic. It’s only logical: in a city where no one really owns a car, it’s important to live somewhere that doesn’t make your commute to work, school, or social outings a complete nightmare.

If you’re working with a padded budget, the East Village, West Village, TriBeCa, Chelsea, or Williamsburg are a few awesome neighborhoods that are accessible by a variety of subways and buses. Plug in your budget and check off “Good Transportation” to see what other options might be right for you.

#2) Quiet

We’re guessing that those who checked off “quiet” were probably not the same folks who checked off “fun nightlife,” which is good, because you won’t find those traits in the same neighborhoods. Those looking for a quiet place to live might try the Upper East or Upper West Side, Washington Heights, or deeper neighborhoods in Queens such as Sunnyside, Maspeth, or Middle Village.

#3) Great Food

We all know NYC is filled with good food options, but where can you find an apartment near great food options? In Queens, you’ll want to try Astoria or Jackson Heights. Most of downtown Manhattan passes the test, as well as Williamsburg, Park Slope, and a lot of other Brooklyn neighborhoods near the water. With great diversity comes great food, and a great responsibility to try as much of it as possible. Right?

#4) On the Rise

A lot of renters are looking for the next popular neighborhood; “On the Rise” was the 4th most popular characteristic. As prices soar, people are heading further North in Manhattan, and deeper into Brooklyn and Queens. Check out Bed-Stuy, Ridgewood, Sunnyside, East Harlem, Harlem, and Washington Heights, (or just all of Brooklyn).

#5) Fun Nightlife

As you may have expected, the neighborhoods with the young crowds are also the ones known for fun nightlife. If great bars, clubs, and lounges are a priority, search for apartments in Williamsburg and most parts of lower Manhattan.

#6) Near Park

It’s always nice to live near a little greenery – and apparently, thousands of you agree. While landing an apartment near Central Park might be an unattainable dream (at the moment), try looking for a spot in Harlem, or Washington Heights.

#7) Cool Factor

While “cool” is certainly relative, most people can agree that Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Tribeca, LES have that “it factor” that renters are looking for.

What do you want in a neighborhood? Find exactly what you’re looking for with our Neighborhood Finder™. [Please note, to simplify the experience for our renters we recently removed the less popular characteristics.]