Video on the Basics of Getting Your Rental

March 21st, 2012 : The Naked Apartments Team

Miron Properties produced a great video describing the basics of getting your rental — how much income you need to qualify, what a guarantor is, the paperwork required and a lot more. Check it out. There’s cartoon doodling!

Full disclosure: Miron Properties’ agents advertise on Naked Apartments… but give us a break; this is good stuff and should be shared.

  • Many people with homes for rent airdvtese in the local newspaper only. They don’t want to deal with overseas scams, and people who don’t know the area. So check the paper. You may have a hard time to find a rental if you have a dog, and consider that owners don’t want the yard torn up by a dog that is let out unsupervised and allowed to bark for a long time. If you can show that you always walk the dog, clean up after him every time, and get a reference from your present landlord, you may have an easier time.

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