Naked Apartments applauds Mayor Bloomberg and the Department of Buildings for some great work investigating illegal NYC apartments that endanger renters, their neighbors, as well as firefighters and other first responders who handle dangerous situations that result from these apartments’ unsafe conditions.

Investigators “searched the online advertising site Craigslist… and posed as potential tenants… Investigators discovered illegal living conditions in 54 of the 62 rental apartments inspected.”

The illegal living conditions included not having two easy ways to exit, which is critical in the event of a fire, and untested gas lines.  As a renter, you should know that in addition to having 2+ exit routes and tested gas lines, your apartment should also have working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. It should never have an extension cord as your main source of electricity. And, if you’re wondering whether your plumbing, electrical, windows, and ventilation are up to code, contact the department of buildings.

Check out the video below to see real, undercover video from some of the crack downs. And read the full press release at