Famous NYC Apartments: The Pads of Mad Men

March 22nd, 2012 : The Naked Apartments Team

Betty’s moving from Ossining to Rye; Don’s getting hitched (and so looking to upgrade from his West Village man-cave). Like its characters, Mad Men’s real estate is in flux. So, Mad Pads; a look back, a look ahead.

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Don Draper

address104 Waverly Place
est. 1964 rent~$250
2012 rent$4,500

The light’s not good, but the locations’ great: right on Washington Square Park. Other attractive features include a kitchen pass-through – useful for keeping an eye on your guests while you pour the drinks – and ample space, including an extra bedroom for when Bobby and Sally come to stay.

Last season’s shotgun engagement to Megan will no doubt have the couple looking for more suitable digs. We could see them in a nice 3BR uptown.

In the meantime, there’s still time to check in at Don’s dig on foursquare.

Betty Draper

addressOssining (soon:Rye)
est. 1964 price~$65,000
2012 price~ $1,250,000

Don & Betty's house, when they were Don and Betty

Betty & Don’s old house is on Bullet Park Road in Ossining, NY. (don’t bother driving by: the real house is in Pasadena, and Bullet Park Road is made up.)

But the house was too full of memories, so Betty & Francis are decamping for Rye, NY, a tonier outpost than Ossining. Too bad; we could see them in this place.

Pete & Trudy Campbell

address83rd/Park Ave.
est. 1964 rent~$1,500
2012 rent$5,000+

Pete, Pete, Pete… your in-laws bought you a great pre-war on the upper east side – Park Avenue, for goodness’ sake! – and you and trudy have tastefully furnished it with a mix of mid-century modern, Danish and… African masks.

And yet you seem restless: you head straight for the drinks cart when you get home. Would you rather be downtown with someone else…? Or will the Campbells be joining Betty & Francis in the suburbs?

Peggy Olson

color schemeBrownish
Decorating stylecomfy/frumpy

We don’t really know much about Peggy’s digs, other than they look cosy and she has a Norwegian roommate who doesn’t date sailors (that’s not her in the picture.)

We assume she’s downtown so she can run around with her bohemian friends, but we really don’t know. Anyone?

Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Offices

addressTime Life Building
est. 1964 rentn/a
2012 rent$700,000/yr

In a word: swank. Compare the cool greens, whites and yellows with the greys and browns of the old Sterling Cooper (below).

And the location’s not bad either. SCDP started at a suite in the Pierre, but ended up with a floor in the Time-Life Building, as good a location for an up-and-coming ad firm in the ’60′s as could be wished for.

Sterling Cooper Offices

address405 Madison Ave.
est. 1964 rentn/a
2012 rent$900,000/yr

The brown/grey file cabinets, the indeterminately-colored carpet, mismatched woodgrain and lime paneling… just as well they all left. Business might be iffy, but the interior design at the SCDP offices is far superior.

  • Those are the two women that Lane and Roger picked up when they had their night on the town in Season 5 , when Lane put the T Bone on his crotch

  • LOL, there is no way in hell u can afford to rent even a siudto if ur not working a full time job. 1 bedroom apartments start at a minimum of 2000 a month. In the building I manage they start at 3500. Secondly, no one will rent to you unless u have a guarentor, (provides proof that they make 50 times the monthly rent) income verification, bank statements and good credit. If you want to go to school in new york apply to NYU or Colombia or Fordham and get housing with them. thats the only way you will live in the city. good luck. its very expensive to live here but you could always live in brooklyn and commute which is much cheaper.

  • Love this. Your latest challenge is to map out Don & Megan’s cool apartment, Betty’s new palatial house, and Pete’s seemingly dismal suburban home.

    A born and bred New York City boy, I love real estate, and have seen thousands of apartments throughout the years. New York is the greatest city in the world, and I am raising my kids in the city – but the reality of New York life is rarely as glamorous as it’s portrayed in the media. Certainly NYC apartments are rarely as realistic as those from the movies.
    Watching the season five premier of Mad Men, I felt compelled to write about the five most unrealistic New York City apartments in pop-culture media portrayals:
     Don Draper’s new apartment in the new season of Mad Men:
    o With immaculate fashion style, a new Cadillac, three kids and an expensive ex-wife, the recently divorced creative director of a recently struggling advertising agency couldn’t possibly have such a large, modern large apartment.
     As The NY Times noted today in discussing Draper: “financially comfortable characters are hardly spared the mess of unhappy marriages and the toll of heavy drinking.” I think this comment in reality would be much more realistic in discussing Draper: “I feel stuck,” a marketing executive earning $350,000 a year said. “The New York that I wanted to have is still just beyond my reach.”
     Carrie Bradshaw’s Upper East side apartment on Sex In the City:
    o One bedroom walk-up in a gorgeous brownstone with a kitchen, bathroom, living room, walk-in closet, and bedroom – And it’s on a tree-lined block with great views. Seems like a lot for a newspaper columnist who goes out every night, with an expensive shoe (and other) habits.
     You’ve Got Mail Meg Ryan’s character Kathleen Kelly:
    o In an Upper West Side Brownstone, filled with light and with a nice sized apartment, how could a single woman struggling to keep a small (and inherited) bookstore open afford an apartment like this ?
     Monica and Rachel’s Greenwich Village apartment on Friends:
    o Amazing location, huge living room, balcony, great closets – the two bedroom apartment isn’t believable even with the explanation that it seems to be an illegal sublet. A struggling chef and a waitress couldn’t possibly afford such an apartment.
     Kramer’s apartment on Seinfeld:
    o Estranged from his family, this unemployed HS Dropout seemingly would have no way to live next door to Seinfeld (although raiding his neighbors’ fridge could happen). Perhaps one could make the argument that Seinfeld’s apartment was realistic, but Kramer? No Way…
    Owning a PR agency, for me as for many others one of the joys of watching TV shows and movies is the “escape factor”, and watching TV shows and movies one doesn’t see a realistic portrayal of NYC real estate. But maybe that’s part of the experience.
    Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR, a leading Public Relations firm, and author of PR book “For Immediate Release: Shape Minds, Build Brands, and Deliver Results with Game-Changing Public Relations.”

  • they mentioned in the first season that she lived by prospect park – park slope/prospect heights area

  • @Betty Draper – nice to have you here! The woman is, uh, a paid companion. Don was entertaining Lane and some guests.

    Good luck house-hunting in Rye!

  • Michelle – Peggy lived in Brooklyn when she lived with her mother, but in Season 3 she got tired of the commute and moved into Manhattan.

  • Peggy lives in Brooklyn. She says so in several different episodes.

  • First off, what woman is Don speaking with in that photo of his apartment?

    And $4,500 per month? for that dump? NYC real estate is ridiculous.

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