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First I’d like to introduce myself and apologize for being one of those lucky people you hate because back in the early 90s I happened to have scored one of those beautiful, rent-controlled, fire-placed, South-facing apartments in the West Village. Again I’m sorry and so I will make up for it, New York, by offering […]

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A bit off topic but very relevant to what we at Naked Apartments are doing. This is simply one article among the countless out there telling you something you already know. And judging by the comments you’re not alone! Enter Naked Apartments this fall. Things are changing and we’re going to be a big part […]

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Finding it hard to cope with a lack of outdoor gardening space?  Small container planting, especially in windows can easily help!   A window box could add a whole new dimension to your home.  It’s unbelievable how different my interior feels when I open the curtains to see an abundance of green and bright colors!

Categories: Renter Tips
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