How to Maximize Your Unused Space

A few years ago National Geographic did the math and realized that if everyone in the world stood shoulder to shoulder, we would all fit in Los Angeles. Granted, this isn’t the most useful of thought experiments, but it illustrates something shockingly obvious that we’re all constantly overlooking – there’s plenty of space to go around. Take NYC, for example. This is a city where getting an apartment even remotely close to what you wanted is a cause for celebration. But if you’re anything like 69% of most New Yorkers, you’ll spend countless years moving up a few hundred square feet at a time in your search for the “perfect place.” But the perfect place (space-wise) can be any place, really, as long as you’re creative. Here are 5 parts of your apartment to rethink and discover all the square feet you’ve been overlooking (unless you’re a master-organizer and space utilizer, in which case, well done). 1. Your bed Ever notice how when you have friends over, they crash on the couch? Your bed can be your couch, and vice-versa. This simple rethinking of big furniture can save you tons of space – and potentially even free up an entire room. […]

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4 Tips to Avoid Renter’s Remorse

You’ve just unpacked the last few boxes, hung your favorite art on the walls and finally kicked your heels up in your new apartment when a sinking feeling sets in. This place somehow doesn’t measure up… it’s not the apartment you actually want to live in. […]

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The Top 10 List of Top 10 Lists

We get it. Everyone’s busy. Who has the time to read all those Top 10 lists? So: Here’s The Top 10 List of Top 10 Lists. […]

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9 Secret Places to Visit in NYC

The Secret Entrance to Naked Apartments Headquarters

There are a lot of things to love about this rambunctious city, including the many secret spectacles hidden in plain sight. New York is infamous for its underground oddities, sequestered speakeasies, and tucked-away treasures. Unfortunately, not all of them are public, and some no longer exist (RIP 5 Pointz). In an attempt to consolidate the laundry lists out there and filter the public from the private and the secret from the not-so-secret (yes, everyone already knows about the Whispering Gallery in Grand Central), we’ve put together this shortlist of 9 secret spots you can most certainly visit on your next day off. […]

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NYC’s Potential Basement Bonanza

Anyone who’s lived outside of Manhattan knows the deal: there are dozens of basement dwellings up for rent any day of the week in the five boroughs. Known as ADUs (accessory dwelling units), they’re nearly all based out of row houses and condos in outer boroughs, particularly in low-rent neighborhoods. You won’t be able to find them on all the major sites, however, because these spaces are, and always have been, illegal.  Even with all the standard requirements — two exits, windows, proper ventilation, running hot water, etc — these units are illegal because they are more than 50% below ground. If you’ve ever lived in your parents’ basement, it’s not hard to see why the city has outlawed these dwellings for decades. Most landlords don’t bother keeping their basements furnished or in any state of repair, and they don’t have to because basement renters won’t complain. They’re caught in the catch-22 of NYC apartment rentals: they can’t report irresponsible landlords, and they won’t report them because basements are so cheap. […]

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5 Steps to Reducing Apartment-Search Anxiety

Anyone who has ever embarked on the search for their perfect New York City apartment can tell you, it’s not easy. It can be extremely frustrating and, at times, you may even feel hopelessly discouraged. But, before you experience some long-awaited relief on move-in day, there are a few simple steps you can take to reduce the stress caused by New York real estate. […]

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3 Tips to Help You Find That Dream Apartment

We all wish brokers are apartment genies. You tell them what you want, and they make it so – in exchange for a giant fee. However, that’s not always the case. We’ve all heard horror stories of bait and switches, deposit thieves and greedy management companies. I have lived through all of these things and survived. My roommate and I just spent the last month looking for a two bedroom apartment in Williamsburg for no more than $2,000 a month. Over the weeks, we amassed the numbers of dozens of brokers and even grew to know them personally. But as each one of them learned our requirements, their reactions ranged from telling us we will never ever find that — “not even in Bushwick!” — to outright laughing in our faces. So where am I now? An adorable $1,900 two-bedroom apartment in the heart of Williamsburg. Here are three tips to help you also find your perfect apartment. […]

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Apartment Hunting in a High Speed Market: What Can You Do?

“There are those gems of apartments we see and just know it’s the one. Location. Check. Price is right. Check. Apartment is big AND has character. Check.” And then it just slips right through your fingers. […]

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Showings on Demand

A First in Real Estate Through the years our business has adapted to the realities of the NYC rental market, using technology to simplify how renters find their next home. We’ve innovated in an industry badly in need of it. And we’re incredibly proud of our many accomplishments: We were the first to sort listings [...]

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The stacking, nesting, and expanding apartment

Once again FairCompanies produces an incredible video on maximizing the use of small spaces.  Watch a 420 square foot SoHo apartment  transform into 1100 square feet of functionality. "The main idea is to get double, triple, quadruple, use out of every space." The mastermind behind the concept is Graham Hill.  You can learn more about the apartment, his [...]

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