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Two years ago we proudly launched Viewings on Demand™ (also known as Showings on Demand™). The product beat all expectations, helped catapult our growth, inspired other real estate companies, and is changing how real estate is done in today’s mobile-first world. To celebrate this two-year anniversary, we’re releasing 7 key stats so real estate pros can […]

It’s said that New York’s neighborhoods are  “the biggest collection of villages in the world.” In fact, there are over 150 villages to choose from and they’re all different. But… what neighborhood characteristics matter most to renters? To answer that, we analyzed the search behavior of the last 25,000 renters on our popular Neighborhood Finder™.  Specifically, we looked […]

Find an apartment you can afford in a neighborhood you’ll love. Living in New York City is many things. And cheap is not one of them. This is a fact of life that city dwellers quickly accept as inescapable. You may end up shelling out an extra $200 a month for a better 1 bedroom that […]

What would you do if your rent shot up? Would you stick around and take the hit or would you look for a new place? We interviewed NYC renters that are experiencing or have experienced rent increases and asked them how they plan to proceed.

With data from our 2+ million NYC renters, we at Naked Apartments have learned a lot about them, their habits and desires. What follows is a portrait drawn from their registration data (contact info, desired apartment, move and roommate details, income, etc.) as well as their search history and survey results.

Average Utility Bill

September 5th, 2012 : Travis Hill

With utilities, broker fees, moving costs, furnishing costs, and security deposits, moving into a new apartment costs much more than just the monthly rent. In order to help answer the question of how much to budget for the average utility bill, we asked New York City renters to tell us what they are currently paying.

We’re repeatedly asked when Naked Apartments will move into other cities.  (Answer: in time…) But when you consider the sheer size of NYC’s boroughs, you could say we’re already simplifying renting in 4 of the top 10 cities in the US.

64% of NYC renters want smoke-free buildings, but they aren’t willing to pay for the luxury.

Curious how median rents and sale prices have changed over time? Here’s one simple chart, based on one of the leading data sources, that shows the trend over time for median sales prices and median rent prices in Manhattan. For buyers, the median price continues to gradually decrease, but for renters, the trend is not […]

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