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Sometimes New York City can feel like the most expensive place in the world. We at Naked Apartments wanted to find out if this was actually the case. We took a look at some of the most expensive cities around the world in order to see how their costs of living and renting compare to […]

Apartment Found: 3 Bedroom Neighborhoods searched: From Upper East Side to Gramercy Websites used: Craigslist, Naked Apartments Been hunting for: One month Number of places seen: 40+ apartments For Kristen Buccholz and Ashley Savage, this was the second apartment hunt within the year and this time they had a system. They knew what they were looking for in a rental […]

Once again FairCompanies produces an incredible video on maximizing the use of small spaces.  Watch a 420 square foot SoHo apartment  transform into 1100 square feet of functionality. “The main idea is to get double, triple, quadruple, use out of every space.” The mastermind behind the concept is Graham Hill.  You can learn more about the apartment, his […]

When my roommates and I unanimously decided that we were going to get a puppy, I started scouring the web for tips on pet ownership in New York City. As is usual on the Internet, what I found was a lot of disagreement. Angry residents were in uproar about their building becoming a dirty, noisy […]

With power finally returning to areas of New York City, resilience is an idea that is on everyone’s minds. For many homes and businesses that are fortunate enough to be back in working order, the return to normalcy is just around the corner. But for many others, these recent events have shed light on problems […]

The damage that Sandy has caused is unimaginable. If you’re one of the thousands of individuals who have suffered from the hurricane, our hearts go out to you. We hope that you’re safe. For those with renters insurance that have also suffered property damage, and are wondering about making a claim, below are some contact […]

We at Naked Apartments are big believers in connecting with customers to build better solutions to their problems. One way we connect is through social media, primarily Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blogging. Since we launched Naked Apartments in 2010, we’ve learned a lot about these channels, but those lessons were time consuming and resource intensive. […]

Apartment Listing Photos

October 15th, 2012 : Travis Hill

If there is anything that we can all agree on about apartment listings, it’s the importance of pictures. Without them, listings are easily overlooked and mistrusted. In fact, a recent Naked Apartments survey found that 70% of renters identified issues with photos as their main turn-off when sifting through apartment listings. But there is much […]

Congratulations to Chloe H. for winning the Naked Apartments $500 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!!! A freshman at the NYU College of Arts and Sciences, Chloe is currently in student housing but had already begun looking into apartments even before she arrived in New York City. “It is frustrating that the apartments closer to campus are […]

Budget: $2,400 Neighborhoods searched: Morningside. Anywhere near Columbia Websites used: Craigslist, Naked Apartments, StreetEasy Been hunting for: One month Number of places seen: 20+ apartments Biggest peeve: Bait and Switch. Sometimes agents advertise fake apartments in order to attract renters. Then, when a renter inquires about the listing, the agent will say it was already rented and try […]

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