• winter heating apartment tips

Heating Tips for Your NYC Apartment

(Source: Allen Skyy via Flickr Creative Commons) If you haven't spent a winter in NYC, know this: January and February can be particularly chilly. Get ahead of the cold by making sure your apartment is prepared to tackle the impending arctic blast. Make Sure Your Heat is Working First things first: Make sure [...]

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  • best pizza brooklyn

Brooklyn’s Best Pizza By Neighborhood

Growing up in Park Slope in the 90’s there were three pizzerias lined up along 7th Avenue: Roma, in the north, Pino’s, across the street from PS 321, and Smiling, sitting on a lucrative corner right above the F train. My friends and I would argue about who made the best slice. The kids from [...]

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  • NYE Alternatives to Times Square

Celebrating NYE in NYC: Alternatives to Times Square

There's a better way to celebrate NYE in NYC. Source: Anthony Quintano via Flickr Creative Commons) When you talk about New Year’s Eve in NYC, most people think of the big ball drop at Times Square, complete with the crowds, the fireworks, and of course, Ryan Seacrest. However, for most New Yorkers, the [...]

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  • DIY Move NYC

NYC Moving: The Ins and Outs of Keeping It Sane

The average New Yorker moves every 3 – 4 years, according to the 2011 NYC Vacancy Survey and almost a third of us made an inter-city move in the past five years. This, in part, explains why on any given Saturday in New York City, the residential side streets are clogged with double-parked moving vans. [...]

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  • Cold NYC Winter

Best NYC Stores for Cheap Winter Gear

(Stay warm, NYC. Source: Eric Leo Kogan) So you’re relocating to NYC from a warmer climate? The first winter can be brutal if you aren’t prepared. I had the privilege of experiencing the Christmas blizzard of 2010 sans winter gear and smartly waited until the last minute to order boots. There was so [...]

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  • Budget Holiday Activities NYC)

NYC Holiday Activities on a Budget

Ah, December. It’s one of the most wonderful months in NYC… as long as you manage to dodge the droves of drunken dudes dressed up as Santa and steer clear of Times Square on NYE. While you may have outgrown SantaCon and drinking in public on New Year's, you probably want to celebrate the holidays [...]

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  • Santacon NYC

Here Comes SantaCon: Why It’s Here and Where It Goes

(Source: Alex Fitzpatrick via Flickr Creative Commons) Last December, as I was wrapping up a morning run along Second Avenue, I was brought to a complete stop. My heart started racing. I felt like I was in Jurassic Park, in the scene when the children see the water rippling as a T-Rex approaches [...]

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  • Jackson Heights

Consider Queens: Renting in Jackson Heights

Located east of Astoria and just south of LaGuardia Airport, Jackson Heights in often hailed as one of the most diverse neighborhoods in New York City. The area is a true melting pot filled with residents who come all over (167 languages are spoken here), but the majority of residents (64 percent) are Hispanic, according to [...]

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  • Bay Ridge Pizza

Looking for a Budget-Friendly Brooklyn Neighborhood? Rent in Bay Ridge

Can you feel the pulse of the Bee Gees hit, “Stayin Alive"? Or maybe you got a whiff of red sauce bubbling on a nearby stovetop? Perhaps it was the distant clamor of traffic entering the borough some hundreds of feet above Narrows Bay via the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. All of these senses put you in [...]

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  • smartphone hacks

Hacks for Living in NYC With Just a Smartphone

  As your creaky old laptop from college takes its last dying breath, you might be asking yourself: "Do I really need to spend $1K right now on a new one?" The answer, put simply, is no. Gone are the days when the most impressive feature on your cell phone was Snake (how good was [...]

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