Let’s face it, good lighting is important and in New York it’s difficult to find affordable, amazing, unique lighting options for our NYC apartment rentals.  Of course, there are several avenues one can walk down for brightening up an interior.  The most popular (and cheapest) is taking ye olde Ikea route.  But what if you don’t necessarily want to follow in the path of the everyday consumer?

What if going for that attractive yet destructible-plastic-chandelier-that-might explode-after-a-year-syndrome is not your cup of tea?  What if designing outside of the box suddenly becomes the more appealing option? That’s when it’s time to go brilliantly unique with illumination.

For a good place to start with creative lighting, we suggest birdcages.  That’s right.  Birdcages. You see them at RePOP, the Brooklyn Flea Market, your grandmother’s den and maybe even discarded in front of brownstones.  You might shudder at the thought of them, thinking only of boxed in creatures who are no longer permitted to fly.  But what if instead you recognized the sweeping lines and inserted…..light!  A glowing light on a dimmer switch in a birdcage can create dramatic shadows on the walls, set delicious moods, and also better highlight a section of your apartment that was once drenched in darkness.

bird cage

It’s so easy and so amazing to take an antique or vintage wired item and transform it into a piece of art.  All you need is a lengthy chain (for hanging fixtures) electrical wire with plug, energy efficient bulb of your choice and a fabulous birdcage to turn that dingy corner in your living room from drab to fab.

Below we have posted a few examples of what a good birdcage (and minimal electrical know-how) can do to strengthen the warmth and glow of your interior.

Cage Light

Old ship lanterns work wonders too!
Ship Lantern
Russell and Carl own RepopNY 95% Recycled in Brooklyn, where they showcase their innovative design taste.