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Laura Wright Treadway

Laura Wright Treadway writes her green living tips from the rented apartment she shares with her husband in Manhattan’s West Village. She is the senior editor at OnEarth magazine, a publication of the Natural Resources Defense Council. Most of her better ideas were picked up on the job. She tries to live lighter on the planet, but she’s not perfect. For example: She doesn’t compost at home because the thought of keeping worms in the kitchen makes her gag.


Carl Grauer and Russell Boyle

Carl Grauer and Russell Boyle own and manage RePOP 95% Recycled, Brooklyn’s foremost destination for vintage furniture, design tips, and conversational oddities. Carl was born in a small town in Kansas, studied medical illustration and is an accomplished portrait painter as well as a jack of all trades who can do everything from refinish a danish modern dresser to rewire a sputnik. Russell, also a painter, was born in Michigan and has lived in New York City for almost fifteen years as a performance artist, curator of antiquities, and purveyor of glorious finds.

RePOP | 68 Washington Ave. | Brooklyn, NY 11205 | 718-260-8032 | repopny


Syying Chan

Born in Taiwan, home of gangster street food, and raised in San Diego, land of the best carne asada north of the border, Syying has been cooking since the age of nine. In college, she won Barnard College’s (one and only) Iron Chef competition. While writing her senior thesis on the influence of income, geography and culture on food choices in East Harlem, she worked in the kitchen of an acclaimed gastropub. Syying now works for a small restaurant group in the East Village. She enjoys cooking for her friends, farmer’s market and dancing to disco.


Melissa Bateson, Garden Guru

A small town farming girl making her statement in New York City as an urban gardener. Armed with an industrial design degree from Pratt Institute, Melissa started gardening fresh out of college only to start her own business, Brooklyn Planting, four years later. Now creating lush rooftops in Manhattan or planting quiet nooks in Brooklyn, this garden maven has been inspiring New Yorkers to become more involved with the plant kingdom for almost a decade. If you can’t find Melissa in a garden, she is probably off constructing or crafting yet another home project!

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Emily Snyder

Emily Snyder was raised by affordable art collectors. In fact, her parents were too stingy to pay for the wall-sized painting they recently commissioned her to make. She has been an artist and art enthusiast her whole life. A recent NYU Gallatin grad, she puts her knowledge to good use spreading art-world news for all to see on Emily currently lives in Chelsea. Unable to afford the neighborhood art market, she chooses to decorate with found artwork, vintage posters, and her own random creations.


Tamara Reynolds

Tamara Reynolds is a self taught cook and freelance writer living in Astoria, Queens. She keeps a vegetable garden in her yard, cooks Sunday Night Dinner for friends and strangers, runs her small catering business “OneAss Kitchen Productions”, and has written her first book with Zora O’Neill, Forking Fantastic! Put The Party Back In Dinner Party. It will be published October 6, 2009 by Gotham Books.

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Sara Wendt

Sara Wendt is what you might call a healer once you discover that what she does has no easily decipherable category. For the 22 years she’s lived in Manhattan, she’s been and still is a Buddhist meditator, singer songwriter, space and life organizer and hypnotherapist. If you ask for her help, she may hypnotize you to stop smoking or relieve your anxiety and insomnia, she may write and produce music for your Web site, or you might find that she’s convinced you to finally let go of those old musty hard cover novels you didn’t like in the first place.

Sara has a BS in Human Ecology, half of an MSW from NYU, is currently cared for as a musician by City Canyons Records (and has produced Parachute, Weightless With Love and Here’s Us), has organized and made clear and beautiful approximately 50 homes from DC to Maine and for the past seven years has created and grown


Mallory Whitfield

Mallory blogs at about handmade products, independent designers, and eco-friendly goods for modern life. She is a founding member of the New Orleans Craft Mafia and also designs reconstructed clothing and accessories made from recycled garments.

She graduated from Loyola University in New Orleans with a BA in history and currently works as a curator at the Louisiana State Museum.


Amanda Goldfarb

Amanda is currently studying at NYU for her Masters in Nutrition & Dietetics, and is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor with a degree from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City. As a student of nutrition, health, and wellness, she is committed to inspiring people to live their best, most fulfilling lives possible, incorporating mainstream, holistic, and integrative approaches to health and wellness. While she doesn’t know all the answers to life, she knows this for sure: There is no perfect diet, no bad food, and no one right way of eating. And there is ALWAYS room for chocolate.

She lives in Brooklyn with writer husband aka human guinea pig, testing her crazy nutritional theories. Pity him. Among many things, she loves cooking, exploring natural health food stores, Rockband, and uses the saying “That’s what she said!” way too often.

More from Amanda on her blog: cakeandcarrots


Tami Mnoian

West Coast native Tami Mnoian is a writer, editor, and publicist. She’s a veteran of the publishing industry, having held posts as the managing editor of Flaunt magazine and, most recently, as the publicity manager of powerHouse Books. While Tami primarily worked with art photographers and photo journalists at powerHouse, she did have the opportunity to edit a work of nonfiction with the 2008 memoir, Callas Kissed Me…Lenny Too! by John Gruen. Realizing the gap between editing feature stories and an entire life history proved to be a sublime learning experience. Since living in New York for over two and half years, she’s taken up a few hobbies: food, photography, and ceramics.


Patti McCabe

Patti McCabe is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor with a background as a Production Stage Manager. Having personally experienced and overcome many of the challenges with leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle in the theater industry, her mission as a health counselor is to help the performing arts community learn to get more out of their lives by learning to get more out of their food. But no matter what your background, Patti is committed to helping you achieve your personal health goals.

Patti received her training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. She is accredited through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She leads workshops on a variety of health and wellness topics, and offers both individual and group counseling services in person and by phone.

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Gabe Friedman

Gabe Friedman is the Lead Designer of Naked Apartments.

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