• Ridgewood rent

Consider Queens: Should You Move to Ridgewood?

(Source: Forest Hills Real Estate) As the popularity of North Brooklyn neighborhoods has continued to grow over the past 10 years, so have the rents. Williamsburg was the first to boom in popularity as many people started to follow the artists east of Manhattan. This influx was followed closely by Greenpoint and Bushwick. Littered [...]

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  • Jackson Heights

Consider Queens: Renting in Jackson Heights

Located east of Astoria and just south of LaGuardia Airport, Jackson Heights in often hailed as one of the most diverse neighborhoods in New York City. The area is a true melting pot filled with residents who come all over (167 languages are spoken here), but the majority of residents (64 percent) are Hispanic, according to [...]

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  • cheap movers NYC

Best and Cheapest Movers in NYC

(Source: So Cal Metro via Flickr Creative Commons) Moving apartments in NYC can be challenging at best, purgatory at worst. From climbing fourth-floor walk-ups to steering furniture through narrow doorways and even narrower staircases, it’s safe to say this city presents a series of unique obstacles. You’ve jumped through all the financial hoops [...]

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  • Bay Ridge Pizza

Looking for a Budget-Friendly Brooklyn Neighborhood? Rent in Bay Ridge

Can you feel the pulse of the Bee Gees hit, “Stayin Alive"? Or maybe you got a whiff of red sauce bubbling on a nearby stovetop? Perhaps it was the distant clamor of traffic entering the borough some hundreds of feet above Narrows Bay via the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. All of these senses put you in [...]

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  • Renting in Sunnyside

Consider Queens: Renting in Sunnyside

The only thing worse than working in Midtown is commuting to Midtown from the outer boroughs. And unless you've got one of those high-paying Midtown jobs and can afford Manhattan rents, chances are you're commuting in from a more budget-friendly neighborhood in Brooklyn. If that 45-minute to an hour-plus commute is getting you down, it's [...]

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  • She will never let go of your hand...

Common NYC Neighbor Complaints and How to Deal

In the suburbs, neighbors are civilized to one another. They bring each other casseroles, pleasantly greet one another as they leave for work and chit-chat as they mow their lawns. OK, I might be generalizing, but outside of the city, neighbors tend to exhibit mutual respect and camaraderie. NYC neighbors, on the contrary, often become mortal [...]

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  • shoes nyc

5 NYC Expenses to Kick and 5 to Keep

Life in New York City can be expensive. With endless options for food, transportation and entertainment at your disposal, it can be difficult to decide what to splurge on and what you can live without. Here are five expenses to kick and five to keep to help you spend wisely in NYC. Kick-It Expense #1: [...]

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  • smartphone hacks

Hacks for Living in NYC With Just a Smartphone

  As your creaky old laptop from college takes its last dying breath, you might be asking yourself: "Do I really need to spend $1K right now on a new one?" The answer, put simply, is no. Gone are the days when the most impressive feature on your cell phone was Snake (how good was [...]

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  • Entry level salary

How Do I Afford Rent in NYC on an Entry-level Salary?

With median rents hitting $2,932/month in Brooklyn and $3,200/month in Manhattan, affording rent on an entry-level salary in NYC is not easy. But guess what, dear editorial assistants and junior tax associates? You and your entry level colleagues can do it. Young profs do it all the time. According to one StreetEasy report, new graduates [...]

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  • Windsor Terrace Prospect Park Brooklyn

Over the Slope? 5 Affordable Neighborhoods Near Prospect Park

Park Slope and Prospect Park go together like a bagel and schmear. From the time Prospect Park opened to the public in 1863, the neighboring streetcar suburb -- Park Slope -- was a hot commodity. It was even listed in the 1890 census as the richest community in the country. Fast-forward 125 years and not [...]

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