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Brokerage: Citiburg Realty Solutions
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Citiburg Realty  is a  dynamic real estate agency which offers rental apartments all around New York City, in particular Brooklyn and Queens. We offer face to face consultations in order to find you the best and comfortable place for you to live. Give us a call and we will take care of you, and will make New York your new home. References are available upon request.

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Alicia ****

review date 08/20/2012 overall rating
My experience with Yuriy can be summed up in one word: nightmare. I would not recommend working with him or his agency.

My boyfriend and I were looking for an apartment in the Greenpoint area and saw a listing from Yuriy that seemed to be perfect (and reasonably priced ) in the Greenpoint waterfront district.

First Yuriy was 30 minutes late to our appointment, keeping us waiting while other couples who had prompt brokers were able to view the apartment before us.

Next we saw the place, which was great, except that the landlord was really scowling at us the entire time and didn’t greet us or say goodbye at the conclusion of the viewing. Here I’ll note that I am Black and my boyfriend is White and the landlord is Polish.

We were so excited about the place that we decided to apply for it right away. Yuriy told us to meet him at his office at a certain time, and was for the second time 30 mins late to meet us. Before we completed the paperwork and handed over our deposit Yuriy assured us that we would know if we were approved for the apartment within a day because the landlord works at his realty agency and he sees her all the time.

We went home to wait. And wait. Days went by with no response. During this time my boyfriend and I couldn’t look for other apartments and basically lost a prime weekend for looking at places. Finally, I received a text message (not even a call) simply stating that we had not received the apartment. When I pressed for an explanation, which brokers are required by law to provide, Yuriy, texted me the following response “landlord say would rather give to a friend who makes $100K and has 150K in the bank.”

While we can never know if this is true or not, as a New Yorker of nearly 10 years this answer is fishy to me. $150K in the bank? Why rent an $1800 apt off the G train?

Yuriy never made any follow up calls to us or offered to work with us again.

I hope this isn’t true, but given our treatment by both Yuriy and the landlord it’s hard not to wonder if race played a role in their treatment of us. Even if racism wasn’t the main driver, Yuriy’s lack of professionalism is reason enough for people looking to rent in North Brooklyn to steer clear from this guy. A quick Google search also reveals that his agency Citiburg Realty receives an F from the Better Business Bureau a fact I wish we had know before we met with him.

I did not rent an apartment from this agent.


Jess ****

review date 04/11/2012 overall rating
Yuriy is one of the nicest and honest brokers I have ever worked with. Knows the neighborhood very well! Would work with him again.

I did not rent an apartment from this agent.


Ray ****

review date 03/13/2012 overall rating
He blew me off on the night we were supposed to meet to see an apartment. He never called me back, never provided actual address.

I did not rent an apartment from this agent.

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1br, Greenpoint, $1,700

1br, Greenpoint, $1,700

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