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Naz ****

review date 07/22/2014 overall rating
VERY unprofessional and untimely agents. Take $100 per applicant for application fee on "false hope" that the application will be approved by management/landlord. When the application is initially declined, will say "well you might still have a chance" so you waste another $100 in application fees only to hear the same answer. Although they're "no fee" you're better off paying fees to broker then draining hundreds of dollars in application fees.

In addition, very unresponsive. One agent went out of the country and left another agent with his entire workload instead of dispersing it evenly among other agents which makes it seem as if the company does not have many agents to begin with. Roommate had a cashier's check in the amount of over $3,000 and wanted to meet with agent ASAP so that she was not walking around with that kind of money in New York and she asked to meet the agent ALL day...not only did he cancel on her in the morning but then said he could meet any other time if she came to meet him. She agreed to meet him at any time and at any place and he was still too busy to meet her. Cherry on top - application got declined and agent said that because she had to wait and travel out of the way to drop off the cashier's check for the deposit in the first place, he (Henry Kielmanowicz) would drop the deposit off with her if the application fell through because he had a car. Sure enough the application fell through and his response was he doesn't have time to drive 10 minutes out of his way to drop off the deposit. Instead he suggested mailing it...not sure where he received his real estate license but if a cashier's check is lost of fraudulently cashed the bank does not offset your damages because a cashier's check is as good as cash. Very shocking that he would even suggest handling a cashier's check in such a manner.

Lastly, their office is very small and doesn't look much like an office to begin with. I would not suggest the services of Resident's Team, Henry Kielmanowicz or Vaidas Griksas. Waste of time, money, energy and resources. You'll be better off listing a different company or paying brokers fees instead of non-refundable application fees which are fruitless because at the end of the day though the agents may say you have a good chance at getting the really won't get it no matter what information you provide.

I did not rent an apartment from this agent.


Eve ****

review date 07/16/2013 overall rating
While the apartment wasn't exactly what I was looking for, Vaidas was very polite and easygoing throughout.

I did not rent an apartment from this agent.


Ann ****

review date 07/10/2013 overall rating
He was prompt and polite. In the building he showed me, he gave a range of options in my price range.

I did not rent an apartment from this agent.


Lauren ****

review date 06/13/2013 overall rating
We ended up renting an apartment with Vaidas. Friendly, responsive and supportive broker. Our landlord presented some challenges but Vaidas was very helpful through all of them. I would recommend him without hesitation.

I rented an apartment from this agent.


Vince ****

review date 04/23/2013 overall rating
I got lucky to find a good place in Greenpoint with Residents Team. Great boutique company, great guys work there, no time wasting.

Thanks a bunch!

I rented an apartment from this agent.


Shakila ****

review date 10/26/2012 overall rating
Never responded to my inquiry.

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