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Overall Rating: (4)
Brokerage: Citi Habitats
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Sylvia's servicing skills are very strong having worked in sales and fashion for many years. She is a big believer in providing outstanding customer service, especially after the sale. "When I work with a client, I'm in it for the long haul. My main goal besides finding you a home you love is the relationship we form which I hope will last for years. I enjoy being a trusted advisor who can fulfill all your real estate needs, now and in the future." Well spoken, stylish, upbeat and extremely personable, Sylvia is truly a class act. Working with her, you'll know you have a true professional in your corner with a good eye for quality and a natural gift for negotiating. "Every client deserves an agent who is genuinely committed to determining their needs, acting quickly on their behalf, and getting the best job done with no wasted time. That's how I approach every buyer and seller, with a full commitment to their success." A native of New Jersey, Sylvia speaks fluent English and Arabic. She is continually fascinated with New York City and loves exploring the different places to eat, shop and recreate, with constant new discoveries. Her other interests include wardrobe styling, fine dining, travel and the beach.

Renter Reviews of Sylvia


D ****

review date 01/14/2015 overall rating
Sylvia was very very nice and helpful... she showed us a gang of apartments.

Dante y Marcus

I rented an apartment from this agent.


Rob ****

review date 05/21/2014 overall rating
You should choose Sylvia as your Agent if:
- You care about WHERE you're going to live. She will take the time to research the area you want and will not waste your time going to places you don't.
- You care about HOW you're going to live. Are you ok with a walk-up or must you have an elevator? Sylvia will take the time to learn your stated preferences and discover some underlying needs you may not have been initially aware of.
- You want to work with a responsive professional. Sylvia responds quickly, accurately and enthusiastically. You don't have to chase her down and she never leaves you in the dark in the process.
- Mistakes make you angry. Sylvia is very thorough and accurate and ALWAYS prepared. I never once felt like she muddled through something quickly.
- You believe honesty is the best policy. When I asked Sylvia her opinion, she didn't love every apartment. She also told me when what we were looking at was a good deal. I knew that I could trust what she was saying and that I was never getting a "you like it, I love it" answer.
- MOST IMPORTANTLY, You want a good deal. Sylvia will work with the parameters you provide and will find you the very best places. When it's go time, Sylvia will go to war for you and will effectively negotiate with your best interest at heart. She takes her job seriously and personally, which creates a killer negotiator. While polite, her innate competitive spirit will not allow her to get pummeled in a deal. Isn't it nice to not have to worry about that?!

Bottom Line: I have no complaints with Sylvia. I love my apartment and am proud to say where I live. If I find myself apartment or house shopping in the future, I know who my first call will be to. You'd be a fool to not do the same.

I rented an apartment from this agent.


Ted ****

review date 04/02/2014 overall rating
I've never written an online review of anything before, but Sylvia was such a great broker I felt compelled to write something here. Personable, friendly, patient and professional, Sylvia showed me about 7-8 apartments via, Citi-Habitats, and misc listings I found on other sites. She patiently sifted through each of them and weeded out the fake/non-existent ones, the ones with photos from other apartments, and the ones worth looking into--and then proceeded to set up appointments to view them promptly that day/the next and occasionally after regular work hours. I didn't start out using a broker (responded to a lot of craigslist ads, Hotpads listings, etc.), but discovered that a lot of them were not real, played the bait & switch game, etc., and Sylvia's help was invaluable in saving time chasing dead ends. She wasn't pushy and seemed genuinely interested in searching for an apartment that would meet my stringent budget/location needs. Highly recommended--contact her and see for yourself.

I did not rent an apartment from this agent.


DianeLynn ****

review date 01/16/2014 overall rating
I am so excited I found a place because of Sylvia. She knew exactly what I wanted and was very professional and courteous. We saw so many apartments, I felt so bad because I would send her links from everywhere except Mars. She went through each one letting me know what was available and finally, I move in on February 1st. Thanks Citi Habitats for Sylvia. I am recommending her to all of my friends.

I rented an apartment from this agent.

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