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To say that RJ is tenacious in setting and sticking to goals is an understatement. An ice hockey standout at Chaminade on Long Island which carried through to Iona College, RJ sets his sights high to be at the top.

Prior to his career as a real estate professional, RJ spent 13 years helping clients achieve their fitness and life goals. He noticed many of his clients sought out his advice, and inspiration, and he realized that he had the ability to help people. That, coupled with his passion for exploring Manhattan, naturally brought him to the Weinstein Realty Group as a Sales Associate.

RJ listens carefully to his clients needs, and tailors your apartment search to your lifestyle. With RJ you can expect an authentic experience defined by honesty, integrity and fun.

He knows that time is valuable, and puts in 110% each and very time for his clients. He greets every client as an exciting pursuit in their quest for the perfect home.

While he currently calls Chelsea home, RJ can be found exploring new and noteworthy spots all around town. In his spare time, RJ enjoys traveling and staying fit, but don't be surprised if you find him out watching his favorite NY Pro teams.

Renter Reviews of RJ


Joseph ****

review date 12/15/2014 overall rating
The last thing I ever thought I would be doing is leaving a positive review for a broker in this city...

I have lived here for 4 years now and have changed apartments 4 times, Hells Kitchen, Fidi, Chelsea, and East Village, and every time without fail it has been a complete disaster, headache, nightmare even. Then my cousin told me to contact RJ, and I am very happy I did!

Working with RJ was nothing short of enjoyable. He had transportation worked out for us ahead of time, and we were able to see a large number of apartments in every area I was interested in quickly and efficiently. He did not use the much dreaded bait and switch tactics that we are all so familiar with in the NYC search. Everything he laid out for me in advance, was exactly what I was shown. No surprises, no frustration, No B.S. everything was right within the guidelines that we talked about and he really put honest effort into making sure I knew everything I needed to about the places we viewed.

At the end of day I wasn't 100% into anything we have viewed but instead of writing me off, RJ took the info he had gained with our trip, and re-invested time into building off of that day. He ended up finding another place that was basically a dream come true. Instead of being pissed, he was encouraged to continue working with me till we found me a place that worked amazingly.

I recommend RJ to everyone I know who needs a place, friends, family, and strangers because you couldn't ask for a more genuine person, who cares about what he does, and cares about your end result in this city.

Thanks again RJ!

I rented an apartment from this agent.


Kaveh ****

review date 10/23/2014 overall rating
My experience working with RJ and Hanna was simply perfect. After working with a bunch of sketchy, unprofessional agents, my prayers were answered and I found RJ and Hanna. I cannot imagine that there is a better combo of realtors in the entire city.

Every single part of my experience with the two of them was divine. From the first moment we met, till the moment I signed the lease papers I felt 100% confident knowing I had these two supporting me and representing me.

My roommate and I had a strict budget but wanted to be in the heart of the East Village. We weren't sure it was possible. We met with RJ and Hanna on a Saturday and they showed us 8 different properties in one afternoon. They made sure we had elegant transportation and food/drink at hand for the entire experience. Every single apartment they showed us was in the realm of what we were looking for. We were shocked that they had access to all of these listings that no one else did.

We wound up finding the perfect apartment, in the perfect location for the right price on the first day of working with RJ and Hanna. Not only did we get an apartment, we genuinely enjoyed spending the day with these guys. Not only are they good at their jobs, they are both extremely cool and down to earth. After we found the apartment, they even helped us negotiate the rent and made sure that the lease we signed contained all the correct legal language. They came with me to the signing and even wanted to get me lunch afterwards. The icing on the cake was the fact that RJ showed up to our apartment on moving day to congratulate us and to wish us well.

I have never heard of anyone having such an amazing experience with their realtors. Since working with them I have been telling every single one of my friends about this amazing two person team. If you are looking for an apartment in Manhattan, you would be a fool not to contact RJ and Hanna. I can't wait until next year so I can work with the two of them again.

Seriously, call RJ and Hanna right now. It will be the best decision of your year.

I rented an apartment from this agent.


Stephen ****

review date 10/16/2014 overall rating
Rj is by far the best realtor I have ever worked with. Period.

My search for an apartment started about three months ago. After reaching out approximately 20-30 brokers in that time span, not one was able to provide even remotely comparable service to what RJ was able to offer.

When I first texted RJ at around 9:00 PM he responded in about 5 minutes. He said that the next morning he will give me a call and we could discuss what I was looking for. Two days later, he set us up to view EIGHT apartments. Not only did he set them up, he had my roommate and I chauffeured to each location in an ESCALADE! Also, the Escalade was filled with snacks and water. During the initial call, RJ asked what I was looking for in an apartment. Each of the eight locations was personally picked out for me based on what I explained on that call. RJ took the time to get to know me and found spots that he knew I'd love living in. We found an apartment that was nicer than all of them and the cheapest! He got us a great deal on some of the initial fees too. He goes the extra mile for you, he is first class all the way.

Stop searching. Use RJ and get yourself an apartment already.

I rented an apartment from this agent.


Lina ****

review date 06/18/2014 overall rating
RJ is an amazing broker! He is so kind, efficient, and helpful. RJ and his partner Hanna helped my roommate and I so much through the process of finding an apartment in New York (which is so cutthroat). They guided us through all the steps and ensured that we were wholly informed on the process. They also showed us apartments that fit all of our criteria... IN A CAR! They didn't make us walk around for hours in the hot NYC sun! RJ is also a really funny and cool guy. I would definitely recommend him to anyone finding an apartment in New York. Definitely an incredible first experience with brokers.

I did not rent an apartment from this agent.


Eugenia ****

review date 06/18/2014 overall rating
I met RJ when I was trying to look for an apartment with my roommate. It was the first apartment we had ever gotten, and we didn't know any of the things that you are supposed to know when looking in a crazy real estate market such as NY. We were completely lost, and he, well he was a lifesaver.
He (along with his partner Hanna) helped us SO much along the way, and patiently took us to more than a dozen apartments; amazingly enough, his commitment never faltered. Also, he's just a cool guy and one of the nicest, most attentive people you are ever going to meet!

Thank you so much RJ for everything!


I did not rent an apartment from this agent.


Hitesh ****

review date 06/09/2014 overall rating
A friend of ours recommended us to work with RJ to search for an apartment in NYC.
On our first call with him, we explained to him what we were looking for, our budget and the area of interest. He explained to us how they work -- that he'd need a few days to first find a few apartments that he felt we'd like, schedule a 2-hour slot sometime during the week, and he'd take us in a car with a driver to show us these apartments. He recommended we go out on a weekday, as opposed to the weekend, since it would be the least crowded.
We met at an apartment listing on the scheduled date & time. RJ showed us about 7-8 apartments in the span of 2 hours. That was pretty amazing for sure! We didn't have to worry about walking much, subways, taxi and PARKING in the city! :)
He guaranteed us if we didn't like any of the apartments the first time, he'd repeat the process until we found what we were looking for.
He also opened us to the idea of maybe renting a condo. He explained to us the difference (& benefits) between renting an apartment vs. a condo.
We finally did rent a condo and we did go a little over our initial budget, but we absolutely love our new place! I don't think we would have found this place on our own.
We had worked with a couple of other brokers prior to working with RJ to look at a few apartments, and we were quite impressed with the way RJ dealt with our needs. RJ is very professional, friendly and a very people person! We would definitely recommend working with RJ.

I rented an apartment from this agent.


Lori ****

review date 05/12/2014 overall rating
RJ stood out in his introductory email because he had a system for the apartment search. True to his system: We found an apartment in 2 visits to NYC! Our search started with an in-depth phone conversation regarding our needs. We met on a rainy day to view 7 apartments in 2 hours. The chauffeur-driven car was greatly appreciated & made the viewing process efficient. We met again 3 days later to finalize our selection & started the application process on the apartment. RJ and Hannah stood out in a very crowded field because they listened to our needs, responded amazingly fast to calls, emails or texts, and handled the entire process with professionalism & good humor. We felt as if we were their number one client. We had heard horror stories about the NYC apartment search, but we got luck with RJ and Hannah. Their system works.

I rented an apartment from this agent.


Carly ****

review date 02/13/2014 overall rating
I cannot say enough about how wonderful it was to work with RJ. It almost made me forget how terrible it is looking for an apartment in NYC :) He began with an initial phone call to assess my needs, budget, current living situation, etc. He spent a few days putting together a list of apartments then took me out for an afternoon to see several pre-qualified apartments all at once. Best part of all is he had a driver to take us to each location, alleviating the hassle of trying to get around the city in the cold and snow. He was more than attentive to our needs and ended up taking me out for another afternoon (in a car again) to look at places. He is very responsive and gives you all the info. He really has your best interests at heart and wants to help you find the best place possible without putting any pressure on you. I'm very grateful for his help and I will definitely be recommending him to anyone I know that is searching for a new place!

I did not rent an apartment from this agent.


James ****

review date 12/13/2013 overall rating
Hanna and RJ were amazing! They responded right away to all of my emails and phone calls and listened to what I had to say about where I wanted to be, cost, and amenities. They weren't pushy at all and just honestly wanted me to rent a place that I am happy with (which I am). Initially they took me to several different places and were happy to help narrow it down. When I didn't find what I wanted, they were happy to take me out again (after helping narrow it down with me too), which was when I found my new apartment. They really focus on service and referrals, so they don't just finish when you signed the lease. They checked on everything even after I had moved in. Great people and highly recommended.

I rented an apartment from this agent.

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