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Oliver Lei Han has always had a passion for real estate, from both the artistic aspects of architecture and interior design, as well as the financial aspects as an investment. His close experiences watching his family and friends buying properties in New York sparked his interest and his understanding that finding a right home can be a long, emotional process. "Major part of my job is to not only inform and support my clients, but to manage their expectations to make it less stressful."

Oliver works for his clients' satisfaction and referrals, not just for commissions. Relationship building and customer service are number one priority for him before anything else. "When you entrust me with helping you and your loved ones in the future, that's my ultimate reward!"

Originally from China, Oliver has lived in New York for over seven years, first in Chelsea and currently in Flatiron. His Chinese cultural background and familiarity with the real estate market and New York City lifestyle positioned him very well to serve foreign investors from China and Taiwan, as well as longtime New Yorkers. "I will customize my service based on each client's needs, from purchasing property to after-sale property management and renting out apartments."

Friendly, focused and hardworking, Oliver's ultimate goal is to "have you as my client for life." Prior to entering real estate, he worked in auction and fine art sales meeting people from all countries and walks of life. His years as a freelance photographer and graphic designer trained his creative eye and aesthetic vision, while his work as a software programmer instilled a sense of discipline, problem solving and tech savvy.

Fluent in Mandarin and English, Oliver holds a B.A. degree in Computer Science from Tianjin University. In free time he is an art lover who frequents the Met, MOMA and private galleries. Oliver still enjoys his passion for photography, as well as performance art, whether it be a Madonna concert or Mozart opera. He also stays fit by biking by the Hudson River, jogging in Central Park, and training with a swim team.

Renter Reviews of Oliver


Mady ****

review date 04/11/2014 overall rating
Mr Han's work was extraordinary. He obtained the key information required to find an apartment matched to our needs, and rapidly provided us with options that met those requirements. Our circumstances were complex - including a family member with a disability - so ultimately we pursued an option outside the open rental market. Nonetheless, he worked hard on our behalf - well beyond expectations. You are unlikely to find a more professional, intelligent and kind real estate agent anywhere.

I did not rent an apartment from this agent.


Travis ****

review date 04/02/2014 overall rating
My wife and i had a wonderful experience with Oliver, he is very quick, organized and courteous, he showed us over 15 places, they are all quite decent, although we ended up spending more than our original budget, we are very happy with our new place. Definitely will recommend him in the future.

I rented an apartment from this agent.


Hiroki ****

review date 01/03/2014 overall rating
My wife and i had a wonderful experience working with Oliver, he is very quick to respond even though i emailed him very late on a Sunday night, he showed us 7 apartments the next day, they are all very nice, much better than some other brokers showed us. He is very patient and polite, explained the details to me and my wife. At the end we rented another apartment with a different broker in queens, he is very kind to offer us some help setting up the internet. I will recommend him to my friends in the future.

I did not rent an apartment from this agent.


Damaris ****

review date 12/22/2013 overall rating
Very rude way of communication, telling me that my budget is too low and asking me why I am leaving my current place. This is not how a broker should work!

I did not rent an apartment from this agent.

Oliver Han Responded:
I am sorry Damaris got offended, miscommunication sometime happens especially through emails, i value and respect all my customers, first i explained to him $1750 for no fee apartment in downtown Manhattan is a little tight, and i don't have any listings right now, also i ask all my customer why they are moving, either for different location, bigger size or better amenities, if i dont know what you are looking for, how can i help you?

Tyler ****

review date 11/10/2013 overall rating
Oliver helped my roommate and i find our apartment in September, we had such a wonderful experience with him, since then we recommended him to another family friend. I have to admit that i was pretty suspicious about using brokers at the beginning because of the fees, but Oliver was very honest and up front about that, at the end we compared some no-fee options with the apartments Oliver showed us, and decided to apply for one apartment he introduced us to, the space and location are perfect for us, and the price is justifiable even after including the fees. We will definitely recommend Oliver again.

I rented an apartment from this agent.


Alice ****

review date 11/08/2013 overall rating
We had a wonderful experience with Oliver. Originally we were considering a two bedroom apartment, but after seeing a few options out there, we decided a nice one bedroom is more suitable for our needs. Oliver is very patient, courteous and responsive through the process, both my husband and i have a very busy schedule, he was very accommodating. We are genuinely happy to see almost all the the apartments he showed us, it really saved us lots of time and legwork. I will definitely recommend him to my friends in the future.

I rented an apartment from this agent.


Carlos ****

review date 11/04/2013 overall rating
I had a horrific experience with Oliver for a variety of reasons.

1) He was approximately 30min late for my appointment in the afternoon.

2) I had asked for him to please provide me the address in our initial discussions of where we were planning to meet - that didn't happen.

3a) I had been working with another broker from *the same brokerage* and had scheduled two appointments back to back without realizing. It turns out that the listings I was to view with both brokers were in the same building - due to the time overlap, they met each other face to face.

3b) My original broker was being respectful, having never been in a double-booking situation. Oliver became aggressive, rude, and totally unprofessional. His lateness caused his viewing to encroach on the time slot with my original broker - when they mentioned that, he raised his voice and was literally YELLING for them to leave us alone.

Don't worry, because this wasn't even the good part.

4) Check out these two excepts from 2/3 messages I received that day:

"… if you decide to apply for the apt i showed you, you really should rent through me, legally and ethically, that is how brokers work, you signed the disclosure form to acknowledge the fact I showed you that unit. And our email and text exchange will establish the fact. I registered you with the listing broker too, if the other broker tries to coax you into getting around me, I will have to talk to their manager and listing broker, it will get into a really messy situation and might jeopardize your application too."

"…just talked with my manager and she confirmed that I will be protected if you decide to apply for the apartment I showed you. I know you might feel bad for the other broker, but in fact if they have been working with you for that long and they didn't even know about this apartment, then they are not that competent."

So, let's recap these 2 msgs:

- Insulted my intelligence regarding brokerage process.
- Questioned my ethics and *threatened* against my actions.
- Focused more on selfish intention vs. customer satisfaction.
- Verbally insulting fellow broker at the same brokerage.

This is 100% repulsive and I recommend everyone stay away from Oliver.

This experience in no way represents my opinion of Citi Habitats.
They have been nothing but great in helping with my search so far.

I did not rent an apartment from this agent.

Oliver Han Responded:
It is my first time for double booking situation as well,the situation could have been handled better from my part and other parties.I explained to Carlos that i can not give out the exact address before meeting for broker protection,but i provided images, cross street and description.Also i pleaded with him not to try to go behind my back and rent the apartment i showed him without me, unfortunately that is when he really got upset.I respect every customer,hopefully my work will be appreciated.

Jenny ****

review date 08/22/2013 overall rating
Oliver tries his bests showing me apartments withing my budget and requests of locations. He answers my questions patiently and friendly to talk to. One of the thing that he impressed me is that he slowed down his walking speed because me and my mom walked kinda slow... it's great that he's really thoughtful and always putting his effort to help.

I did not rent an apartment from this agent.


Hannah ****

review date 08/07/2013 overall rating
He was so unbelievably rude I was absolutely shocked. We visited the apartment, and after seeing that the bathroom was in the bedroom, we decided it obviously would not work for a two bedroom as one roommate would have to walk through the other's room to use the bathroom. He then asked to sign some forms without really explaining what they were. When we asked what we were signing and discussing our price range and comfort level with increasing the rent price, he just said to not worry about the forms and walk out. He told us if we weren't comfortable signing the forms then he didn't want to work with us. We said we had no problem signing the form but we just wanted to know what we were signing. He said that we "complained" too much and he didn't want to help us - simply for asking what we were signing our names to and asking about available rooms! It was so ridiculous and unnecessarily rude. I would never want to work with him.

I did not rent an apartment from this agent.

Oliver Han Responded:
I explained to Hannah the disclosure form is for consumer protection several times before entering the apartment and inside the apartment, but they continue saying no other broker ask them to sign anything, i explained again it is state law that we need to disclose who we represent before showing and their signature just acknowledges i explained to them so, i hope NakedApartments will educate renters on this, brokers with the forms are actually the good guys trying to abide with laws.

Sierra ****

review date 07/12/2013 overall rating
My roommate and I were so lucky to get to work with Oliver! He helped us find the perfect apartment. He really listens to what you want and isn't pushy like some broker's can be. He has a great selection of apartments, responded to my inquiry within an hour and was great at staying in touch via text to arrange viewings. Definetely recommend working with him!

I rented an apartment from this agent.

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2br, West Village, $2,950

2br, West Village, $2,950

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Pre War
2 days since update
1br, Upper West Side, $3,100

1br, Upper West Side, $3,100

Cats Only, Dishwasher, Duplex, Pre War
1 day since update
2br, Upper West Side, $3,449

2br, Upper West Side, $3,449

Pets Allowed, Dishwasher, Pre War
About 21 hours since update
2br, Upper West Side, $4,000

2br, Upper West Side, $4,000

Cats Only, Dishwasher, Balcony, Fireplace, Outdoor Space, Terrace, Pre War
About 22 hours since update
1br, Upper West Side, $2,700

1br, Upper West Side, $2,700

Pets Allowed, Elevator, Laundry Room, Dishwasher, Elevator/Laundry Building
6 days since update

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