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Celbrating 85 Years Of Real Estate Service: N.C. Pepe Corp. est. 1929

October 26, 1929, just two days after the stock market crash and beginning of our "Great Depression", Nicholas C. Pepe opened his doors for a real estate and insurance business. This business was passed from father to son, Thomas A. Pepe, and from son to grandson, Christopher W. Pepe and now Nicholas C. Pepe Corp., as successor in its third generation is still operating from the same location serving all of Williamsburg and Greenpoint.

Today, Nicholas C. Pepe Corp., through Thomas A. Pepe, an attorney, and his son, Christopher W. Pepe, a real estate broker, continue to offer the residents and landlords in the area a complete line of real estate, mortgage and insurance brokerage services. They provide the same quality of service in the tradition of what the founder, Nicholas C. Pepe, offered in the 1930's.

If you are interested in buying, selling, renting, demolishing or developing in the Williamsburg or Greenpoint area, you will want our brokerage as your representative to help you accomplish your objective. Our actual experience of over eight decades of serving the Williamsburg and Greenpoint area will enable you to make your "American Dream" a reality.

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Santos ****

review date 06/28/2015 overall rating
Never responded to my inquiry.
N.C. Pepe Responded:
Can't respond to your inquiry if we never received your message
We have 1bdrs from $1950 and up in RIDGEWOOD let us know
Thank you

Chiara ****

review date 10/02/2014 overall rating
Stay far from this place.
They seem nice at first but don't trust them. With the exception of one or two of the agents (Krystof is very nice) this whole establishment is evil and couldn't care less about you or your needs.
I made the mistake of renting from this agency and the management with the same name is horrific - they ignore emails, phone calls, health issues and put my health and safety at risk without a second thought.
I sued them for a months rent when we had no heat or water during the "polar vortex" and then they failed to inform us they would be remodeling parts of the building including staining the floors which is insanely toxic, I had to sleep with my windows open in 40degree weather.
After our legal issue they tried to raise my rent the day before it was due (illegal) and when I refused they threatened to pursue legal action against me.
When I finally moved out, they withheld my security deposit for longer than necessary and deducted things that were not my fault like the window that was clearly broken when the handy man screwed handles into the frame.
And don't get me started on the upkeep of the building.
MY ADVICE: Stay far away from Chris Pepe and his team of soulless money hungry robots.

I rented an apartment from this agent.


Sam ****

review date 11/20/2013 overall rating
Never responded to my inquiry.

Marie ****

review date 09/21/2013 overall rating
N. C. Pepe refused to set up an appointment to view apartments via Naked Apartment messages. Insisted on email and phone number, first. This took days.

Waste of my time.

I did not rent an apartment from this agent.


Stephen ****

review date 02/02/2013 overall rating
Jordan was very pleasant to deal with and professional.

I rented an apartment from this agent.


Christina ****

review date 11/27/2012 overall rating
Never responded to my inquiry.

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