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I pride myself of making sure that you have a smooth transition into your new home.
Focusing on the timeline and needs of all of my clients is essential in New York.

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Maria ****

review date 02/16/2015 overall rating
Lovell was respectful, fair, and professional. I was comfortable working with him and assured that he would do the right thing at every turn; which he did.

I recommend Lovell to everyone looking to find the right place with a highly professional, reliable, and responsive agent.

I rented an apartment from this agent.


Christian ****

review date 01/27/2015 overall rating
Lovell was a real pleasure to work with: quick, courteous, and responsive. We contacted him at 2pm on a weekday and he made himself available to show the place by 9pm. Not only that but he found another property in our parameters which was cheaper and suited us better. By 11pm that night my roommate and I were all set and beginning our paperwork. Five days later, the lease was signed and the keys were in hand.

I would, without a doubt, work with Lovell again and recommend him to friends

I rented an apartment from this agent.

Take care Christian and all the best!!!
Stay cool! Thanks for this review.

Michelle ****

review date 01/23/2015 overall rating
Lovell is a highly skilled, professional and indeed a passionate real estate agent with characteristics that one may not find all in one individual. He is honest when he is asked to give an opinion about pros and cons of renting, he is patient as he proceeds in making a deal or seeing our financial concerns, he is supportive as he represents his client. He makes you feel that he is a member of your family. I was down in the dumps about finding the perfect place and he didn't give up on me and my family at all. I even stopped looking and he kept looking for me then I found my perfect place!!!!

I rented an apartment from this agent.


Erika ****

review date 01/23/2015 overall rating
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, especially Lovell Ramsey. Renting an apt through this company was one of the most awful experiences I have EVER gone through. They play a lot of games and omitted a lot of details that were extremely important and almost cost us our apartment. I was looking for an apt that could take my large dog and had parking. I was told the property manager was spoken to and approved the dog and parking was included. It took 3 days of back and forth before we were told everything we wanted was approved and we were scheduled to sign the lease. I asked to see a copy beforehand and also to sign the lease at the property managers office, since it was much more continent for us. I was given a very hard time about seeing the lease and just felt like Lovell was very sketchy.

I finally received a copy from the property manager herself, in which she tells me we are meeting at rapid realty’s office and not hers to sign the lease. I called her and she tells me that Lovell never discussed meeting at her office, but I have a text from him confirming we are. I then start to read the lease and find out the parking was given to us for 1 year free but next year, not only is it not included, but it will be an extra $250 A MONTH! Then I find out that Lovell bullied the property manager into giving us the spot behind our building, by claiming it was a deal breaker, in which she made our super move his spot for us to have. I NEVER SAID THAT! I told them, if it was possible then I wanted it, but definitely not at the expense of pissing of our new super. The best part of all of this however, was finding out that not only did the property manager NOT KNOW I HAVE A DOG, there was also an extra $500 pet deposit I was never told about!!!

So now I ask myself WHAT DID HE ACTUALLY DO FOR US, because everything he basically told me was LIES! So I bring all of this up to Lovell and he just apologizes and claims they were MISCOMMUNICATIONS!! I start to get heated and ask for his bosses number to discuss the problem and he refused to give to me and got extremely nasty with me on the phone. I had a friend of mine call to calmly discuss compromising on the fee agreement, since we now have all of these extra expenses and I felt he didn’t owe the amount of money we’re paying him, and he told her absolutely not and claimed that I have no manners and he didn’t appreciate being spoken to so disrespectfully. I just wanted my apartment and didn’t want to deal with his c**p anymore, so I conceded, paid him, and just asked that he not be at my lease signing. The whole process was just way too stressful and ridiculous.

Anyway, if you also want to see for yourself, go look at his Instagram “lolexinc”, where he claims he is the owner of the company but he is actually just the manager, he puts up pictures of his clients without their permission (I thought our photo was going on the company website, not his personal social media account), and posts conversations with clients which are very rude. For example he put up a picture and commented “What will it be? $4500 per month let’s make up our minds it’s only a window and it’s not a wedding dress. If you want it take it. forget about the view.” Talk about disrespectful!! And I bet that woman doesn’t even know he put that up.

I rented an apartment from this agent.

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