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"Being new to New York the whole apartment hunting scene really intimidated me. I looked on Craigslist and got even more intimidated. That' when I decided to use an agent. I tried one from another company and found them to be really keen to put me in any old place and get rid of me. A friend said she had been dealing with Lior and said he was "pretty enthusiastic"-what an understatement that was. Right from the start Lior's energy made me feel at ease and sure that I was going to find an apartment with everything I wanted. "I'm feeling good about today, we will find you a great place" really sums up Lior. He really cares about putting you in a place you will love and is amazingly organized when you go and visit places. I am definitely recommending Lior to anyone I see that is looking for a place.
- Anthony S.

After hunting a rental on the UWS around the clock for eight weeks, I became a pretty good judge of apartments and brokers. Most were some combination of rude, insensitive and incompetent, nearly all tried to push me into apartments, neighborhoods or rents that didn't suit me. Then they tried to make me feel like a fool for my "unrealistic" expectations while quoting depressing statistics sprinkled with lies. Lior Lev, on the other hand, was professional, honest, and a breath of fresh air. He worked amazingly hard, listened carefully to what I would and wouldn't compromise about, and even though my budget was limited, I knew I could trust him not to show me dumps...or one bedrooms that were studios...or studios that were glorified storage closets. I've already recommended him and will continue to do so.
- Paula R.

After a lot of searching online and reading reviews regarding real estate agents in NYC, I decided to contact Lior Lev at Citi Habitats because he had received great reviews from prior clients. Simply put, contacting him was the best decision I could have made in this process. From the first phone call to signing the lease, he was awesome and very helpful. As an agent, he's extremely reliable, effective, honest, and diligent. In other words, he sums up all the qualities one would look for in a great agent. Even though I was in a very special situation (trying to find an apartment from overseas), he made the whole process very easy, quick, and smooth. He personally visited several apartments on my behalf and put up videos on YouTube for me to watch and critique. He was always available and willing to talk, including evenings and weekends. Besides all of this, he's also a very nice and cool guy. If you have any intentions of looking for an apartment in NYC, please do yourself a favor and contact Lior Lev; he will find you exactly what you are looking for. It is no wonder why everyone speaks so highly of him!
- Marcus D.

I have had the pleasure of working with LIOR LEV at Citi Habitats when relocating to New York City. He was able to find me the perfect townhouse on 5th Avenue and 11th street in the village. Since then the house sold even in this difficult market and we no thats not an easy task. He just found me my second property/current home and I'm thrilled yet again. He could not have been more attentive and responsive to my every need. promptly returning my many calls and emails at all hours. I am not an easy client with many demands and he always took care of me with a smile. I can not say enough about how pleased I am and would recommend Lior without hesitation.
- Steed Hale

I met Lior Lev at a time of many changes in my life. I am Brazilian and came to study in the United States. For me it was all new and also I had a short time. To my surprise I found this excellent professional. He seeks exactly what you want and he is always available. He is fast and efficient. Finally, he was a person who helped me a lot. I can say he helped me more than it was his job. He not only found an amazing apartment for me but also gave me support to fix the apartment (He helped me to contract energy, gas, internet). I really recommend him!! He wants to see their clients satisfied and happy!! This not have price! Lior Lev, thank you and congratulations for the excellent work!
- Alice Neves

Recently began looking for apartments with my boyfriend. We both have busy schedules and needed someone that would primarily do all of the work for us, show us nice apartments, and not screw around with any hidden or extra fees. We worked with LIOR LEV, he took us around on a Monday, and we saw about 5 or 6 apartments and found one that we were absolutely in LOVE with. Lior ran the entire process to the ground. He got us all of our paper work organized, kept us in the loop of what had to be done, and even helped us to get the apartment in a bidding war between the other applicants. He was no joke, he was easy to get in touch with--even called us from a Wedding that he was at to make sure we were ok with everything. Couldn't suggest anyone better, especially after hearing all of my friends past horror stories. Go to Lior, he will help you, and make the process as easy as can be!
- Perri Weissman

I want to thank you for all your excellent work you did for us. You made everything as easy as possible and you showed me exactly what I wanted to see. Thanks so much.
- K. Metzger, Saint Thomas Church 1 West 53rd Street

I must say I agree with the very good review of Lior Lev. We visited few places upper west side and few brokers we met didn't care at all of our very specific needs. And most of the time, once the deal is done, you never hear from your broker again and he already forgot you. We met Lior with the middlemen of the management office of the condo building we were interested in, so no pre-hard work there. However, after visiting few apartments in the same building, he professionally kept in touch with us, never rushed us, and understood our will. When we finally changed our mind 2 weeks later, and chose of his apartments, he stayed in close contact with us, even after our move in, made sure that all went fine and ensured that we didn't further help. We were very happily surprised as we were used to extra superficial relationships with previous brokers. We definitely recommend him by far and thank him again. His commitment is 24/7.

I called a broker--LIOR LEV, who was recommended highly----and he was AWESOME----being an arrogant new yorker- I said I dont want to pay more than " this"...and I want "this " AND "this"---like it was back in the day, when regular people had rights----guess what?!!! he showed me a LOT of places, all within my working class means, and worked for me to get the place I wanted.....SSOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to be home-no more commuting! not the company, the broker---check out LIOR---HE ROCKS!
- Janaan S.

I ended up not renting from them as I found a place through a friend BUT throughout the process and dealing with them they have been nothing short then wonderful - really appreciate all the work and I am sure I will contact them again next time I need a rental - especially Mr. Lior who was amazing. Thank you.
- Shai Navon

I have nothing else to say but highly recommend Lior Lev as the best broker I have ever worked with. He is very friendly, polite, super knowledgeable and understanding. Never gave me an attitude that some brokers do. I desperately needed to move from my old place and thankfully this guy really spend time with me and found what i exactly needed. I had couple things on my mind about the apartment that were important to me and he took that into account right away! I was very happy to come across with him.
- Katya Fekete

I would love to recommend Lior Lev as a person and as a first rate real estate agent. He found us the most wonderful apartment and negotiated our lease. He is the best at what he does because he is very energetic and truly wants to help his clients.
- N. Hopkinson

I lived in the same area for over 10yrs. A little out of the loop with the whole finding an apt process. I was actually referred to this amazing realtor Lior Lev and company Citi Habitats. The response to providing me with wonderful and amazing locations was fast and productive. I found the perfect new apt (among others) within a two week time frame!!Beautiful neighborhood and beautiful apt. I am so happy to have found a realtor who cares about his clients. I recommend Mr. Lev for realtor service any time.. You will not be disappointed.
- Keisha

I've been looking for an apartment on and off for a year, and I thought I'd give Citi Habitats near my workplace a shot. I was thoroughly impressed, especially the broker I dealt with, Lior Lev, who helped me find a great studio in the perfect location within a couple of days. He definitely delivered on his promise of finding me the perfect apartment, he also helped me in negotiating a better deal for my studio. He was always available and ready to answer my many questions. I would highly recommend speaking to him if you're looking for a place, two thumbs way up! Thanks, Lior!!!
- Rammi

I want to offer the highest recommendation to Lior Lev for helping me find the best apartment for what I consider to be priceless. I had recently started a job at the Dept. of Veterans Affairs and from where I was living, the commute was just too long. Consequently, not wanting to lose a job I had to wait months to obtain, I decided it was in my best interest to move to a location that would enable me to walk to work.....these 8:00AM start times are ...well let's just say I am not a morning person. Without a MATTER OF DAYS, Lior helped me find the perfect apartment for my budget and the best location possible!!!! Lior was always 100% professional and in the shady world of real-estate, that says a LOT. He is a man with integrity and he will work with you all the way!!! THANKS LIOR!!!!
- Micheal C.

Even after the deal was "closed", you went out of your way to help us with details about the building, what to see and expect when moving to NYC from another part of the country, etc. Wonderful customer service!
- Barbara. P, Saint Thomas Church Executive Director of Administration and Finance"

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Nicole ****

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Lior was a pleasure to work with. He proved to be extremely trustworthy went above and beyond to make sure I found a place that I was happy with. After I moved, he followed up to ensure that things were going smoothly and offered his continued support if needed. I hope not to move again any time soon, but if so I would look forward to working with him again.

I rented an apartment from this agent.


Kristin ****

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He never actually showed up in person to show me an apartment. I called him when i got to the apartment and he called the super to let me in. Required a broker's fee when he wasnt actually doing work.

I did not rent an apartment from this agent.


Dawn ****

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He never showed up for the appointment to show me the apartment.

I did not rent an apartment from this agent.

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