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Kevin Kemble loves his career in real estate. The feeling of finding someone a great home and being able to navigate the complicated process of buying, selling or renting is truly one of the best feelings in the world. Kevin also makes the real estate process an educational experience for clients so they are empowered with information and know-how. Previously working in collegiate education, teaching comes naturally. Originally from Newark, Delaware, he received a BA in English Education. He can communicate and educate in multiple different learning styles (audio, visual, kinesthetic, etc.) to transform his clients into allies who learn to strategize and think the way that's needed in order to close a deal. 

Going on four years now, Kevin lives in Clinton Hill and has become an expert in Manhattan and Brooklyn. He has gone between the rivers that entire time while learning from each experience he has had. He has worked for tiny firms, private investors, giant firms (Citi Habitats), and even for a tech start-up (Urban Compass) -- no matter where Kevin went, he always found himself back in Brooklyn. "I've had two homes in my life: Delaware and Brooklyn, and I love Brooklyn more than anywhere else I've been." is Brooklyn, and Kevin wants to grow and focus primarily in the Brooklyn market. 

Tireless in helping his clients get the results they want, Kevin is an expert at tending to every detail and gathering all the pertinent information that ensures a successful outcome. "Incomplete applications, checks with the wrong payee or lost deposits do not exist with me!" When it comes to buyers, Kevin is trained in investment real estate, so can find multiple properties that would yield a 4-5% cash on cash return as well as buy-and-hold properties or a combination of both building equity while keeping costs at a minimum. Sellers also benefit from Kevin's tenacity and expertise: “financials are analyzed, offering plans and amendments are gathered, and his network of personal and professional connections all lead to a quick and easy closing,” he says. Kevin is also a Reiki practitioner and uses this art form via space healing which brings light to an apartment to clear away any past negativity, and magnetizes the space to find the right and best-qualified buyer for that property. 

Personally, Kevin enjoys a diverse range of activities including reading, biking, exercise, yoga, nature hiking, kayaking, cultural events, live shows and more. He is also currently working on his blog at, detailing everything about Brooklyn from random findings to housing lotteries and more. In addition, Kevin brings his educational expertise to the Real Estate industry working on another website:, which will detail with greater detail and precision the ins and outs of the buying, selling, and renting process in New York City and Brooklyn.

Renter Reviews of Kevin


Joel ****

review date 07/10/2014 overall rating
Kevin was an extremely courteous and well informed agent. He respects the clients individual schedules and is happy to work with them regarding times to see places. We contacted Kevin and within a day he had plenty of places scheduled for us too see as soon as we could, and all places with a great price for the location we where looking in. I have moved a number of times well living in NY and this was the first quick, stress free, and well worth the fee experience. Will absolutely look to Kevin again in the future for finding a place.

I rented an apartment from this agent.


Carly ****

review date 06/30/2014 overall rating
I wasn't a believer in brokers, but after working with Kevin Kemble, I can see what it's like to work with someone who is professional and honest and actually works for his clients. I had to move because my rent was being raised by $1000 and that didn't work for me anymore. Kevin suggested neighborhoods I had never been in before and would never have even thought of, but I trusted his guidance. We got a car and spent a day driving around and seeing AMAZING properties. So many of them could work that I actually had multiple great options. At the end of the day, I went with an enormous RENT STABILIZED 2br in Lefferts Gardens. I'm loving the neighborhood and exploring around. I don't plan on moving anytime soon! Thanks again Kevin!

I rented an apartment from this agent.


Bedford ****

review date 07/24/2013 overall rating
Never responded to my inquiry.

Elizabeth ****

review date 02/05/2013 overall rating
I would highly recommend Kevin to any landlord looking to rent out their apartment. Kevin was not pushy or made you feel obligated to sign any documents like some other brokers do and was willing to help me rent out the apartment. He gave honest opinions of the apartment and were great points. I would definitely call Kevin again if I need my apartment rented out again in the future. Thank you Kevin!!!

I did not rent an apartment from this agent.


Eric ****

review date 12/09/2012 overall rating
So I didn't find Kevin through Naked Apartments. He was actually referred to me by a friend, and I made an account just so I could give him a glowing review.

I've worked with brokers in the past, but never felt that I vibed with anyone like I vibed with Kevin. He sent me exact addresses to what we were going to see (so I could do my own research on the place), and he listened. Everything I asked for, he obliged, and I would've taken almost any apartment he showed me, but after seeing about 5-10 places, we found one that had everything I wanted.

I have faith again that brokers can be professionals and be good at their jobs. I'm so glad I met Kevin and cannot wait to work with him again--but that's when it comes time to buy!!!

I rented an apartment from this agent.


Brandon ****

review date 11/02/2012 overall rating
Kevin is a remarkable human being and an amazing broker. I did not end up renting an apartment through him as I have decided to stay in my place for another year and buy next year instead.

He was attentive to all my needs. Was calm about issues and problems, and even when I told him I wasn't going to rent...he was happy for me and said he would keep in touch when it comes to buying.

And indeed he has. Today I received a newsletter filled with free things to do around NYC & Brooklyn! It was amazing. I expected some boring thing about the real estate market and blah blah blah but it was actually useful, and I'm excited to see next month's.

If you want someone honest, communicative, reliable, and hardworking, Kevin is def you man!

I did not rent an apartment from this agent.


Melvyn ****

review date 11/02/2012 overall rating
Literally, the first time we went out, he found my dream apartment. I came to him w/ all my needs--light, location, and space--and he found exactly that! Even better, he found something $500 below my price point. He deserved the fee I paid because of the time I saved, the stress I didn't have to go through, and I know I made a real estate connection for life.

To top it all off, he did it right after the hurricane had hit. Even the power outages and lack of subway service did not stop him from showing me apartments. Truly a 5-star broker

I rented an apartment from this agent.


Hue ****

review date 10/16/2012 overall rating
Man, what can I say? Brokers and Lawyers are two professions that people always seem to think are getting over and are over paid. I have worked with both before in the past. But, I must say that I'm so glad I chose Kevin over my previous broker that helped me rent my old apt. The difference was like night and day.

Kevin was referred by an office co-worker of mine and I could tell pretty much right away that he was confident in helping me with my dream apt. I had specific requirements: a tight deadline, specific area, a dog that also loved Kevin, and a budget. Upon meeting with Kevin my coworker had informed me that he had a unique set of skills. She told me Kevin was a Reiki Practitioner and Space Clearer. And that he incorporates that in helping his clients find the perfect space that's right for them. This intrigued me, so I set up a meeting right away.

I noticed immediately that Kevin was really paying attention to what I wanted. I was all about action because I was on a deadline and Kevin suggested that I allow him to do the action part of it and that he wanted me to simply visualize my perfect apt. His calm demeanor had me in such a state of peace that I knew this process was really going to find me not just an apt but something I could call home. Within about three weeks time he had found the place. The place that I can now call my home. In my opinion, Kevin went above and beyond and I would gladly refer him to my friends and co-workers.

PS - Thanks for the Garden Chime. It brings such peace to my life in my new garden apt.

I rented an apartment from this agent.


Alicia ****

review date 10/09/2012 overall rating
If you're looking for a broker who will be attentive to your apartment wishes, Kevin is your guy. He responded right away to my inquiries and was very helpful and HONEST (which is not always a broker's trait). I recommend Kevin to anyone who wants to find a perfect apartment that they'll love for years to come.

I rented an apartment from this agent.


Leyla ****

review date 07/24/2012 overall rating
Kevin is so helpful and easy to work with! He will turn what would typically be a stressful, difficult experience into something positive. He is very communicative, efficient, and interested in seeing you in the right place. He manages his various clients well and will always take the time to talk to you and guide you through the process.

So you've got someone with a great personality and all of the right skills to help you with your search!

I rented an apartment from this agent.

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