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Lina ****

review date 08/29/2014 overall rating
A month ago, my boyfriend and I were looking for an apartment in New York, and we ended up using GalleriaNY as brokers, specifically Jason Purcell.

After Alexandra Budd showed us a few places on July 31, we decided upon an apartment. We filled out applications in the Galleria office on 3 West 13th Street. Jason told us they were the wrong applications, as he said he just found out that moment that the apartment is part of a co-op.

Jason assured us that he is an attorney and the process would be smooth. He used foul language and anti-Semitic language in a lame attempt to be "folksy" (we are from Scranton and he is from Shamokin), but we needed an apartment as quickly as possible and Jason assured us we would be in a place before Michael started his new job. We just wanted the process to be over.

Michael had a planned vacation for 10 days and I was heading back to Scranton, so Jason told us we could sign and scan or fax the leases. We were told the rent was $1850. We were told we could move in on the 11th. We provided ID, credit statements, financial statements, bank account information, income information, resource information, references, completed applications, a payment of $1900 that was to be placed in escrow. Jason told us we could make up the reference letters, but we wanted them to be authentic, and we have lots of people who would give us a favorable review.

The next day, August 1, I received a call from Alexandra. She and Jason had not communicated about some of the paperwork and she was looking for lost documents and missing information. She told me she would call back if the problem was not resolved. A few hours later, I received another call from Alexandra that we were approved for the apartment. I told her I would cancel my appointments on Wednesday and drive into New York for a lease signing on Wednesday, August 6. This date was later confirmed. (I was told later on by Yael, that the landlord was expecting me to arrive on Saturday, August 2, but since I didn't know about the appointment, I did not show. The landlord thought I was a no call/no show and his impression of Michael and I was already unfavorable).

After working 4 12-hour night shifts, on very little sleep, I was about to leave my house on Wednesday August 6, when I received word from Jason and Shawn that in addition to the to cashier's checks we were told to bring, the landlord was now requesting an additional $1900 for a pet deposit. We had been previously told by Jason that cats were no issue.

As I approached the George Washington Bridge, I received word from Shawn that the meeting was to be held at 3 West 13th Street instead of the previously confirmed Upper East Side address. I asked if it was possible to not change the location since the change would make us late, and I was told by Shawn that Jason "isn't back yet". Instead of being able to plan on taking the tunnel, we had to drive over 50 blocks in the city during rush hour.

My mother, my friends Eileen and Christina, and I went to 3 West 13th Street. We had to wait. We were told Jason was "on an important call." When we finally got into the conference room, we reviewed the lease. I again asked Jason if we would be able to move into the apartment on August 11. He said the lease started August 15, but he would be able to get us in on August 11. I also asked why the rent was now $1900, instead of $1850, and he told me that "the landlord did not accept our proposed offer." He told me he had been arguing with "the landlord" (actually Yael, the broker from Manhattan Flats). I asked what they were arguing about. He said it was no big deal and that he was doing what he could for us. (We later found out that Yael was yelling at him because of his incompetence and unwillingness to accept responsibility). I asked for a copy of the co-op by-laws, and Jason said he would provide them. I signed the lease. After more anti-Semitic comments from Jason and no co-op over-lease, we left. I was told that Michael could sign the lease on Monday when we moved into the apartment. I later emailed Jason and we set up a time.

On August 11, Michael and I prepared to travel to New York and sign the lease "at the landlord's" when Jason called and said we had to get there as soon as possible, that the appointment was changed to an earlier time. Michael and I did what we could, but we had to pack and travel two and a half hours by car.

As we signed the lease with Yael, we discovered that she is not the landlord, she never said the rent would be $1850, the co-op had not given us the final approval, the landlord expected me to sign the lease on August 2 (an appointment of which I was not informed), the leases always had to be signed in person and a fax was unacceptable, we still had to be approved by the landlord, and other information we were given by Jason was false. The worst part was learning that we were not allowed to move in to our apartment and Michael had no place to stay. His new job started the next day.

(We also found out that the Galleria brokers knew NOTHING about the apartment. They told us the AC and microwave were from the last tenant. They belonged to the landlord. No wonder they never had an actual key to the place Alex used to push random apartment buttons and say she had a delivery for some random last name. She did that until someone buzzed her in).

After no response from Jason or Alexandra, I called GalleriaNY and asked for the manager. Shawn got on the phone and said that he is the manager. He told me he would speak to the owner, Mickey Roth. After many phone calls and much back-and-forth conversation with Shawn, at 6:58pm when Shawn called me, he confirmed that he spoke with Mickey Roth, owner of Galleria NY, and that Michael and I would be given $500 cash toward our hotel expenses for the week. Shawn told me he had $250 from himself and he was getting $250 from Jason, and that the money would be dropped off to Michael at his place of employment the next day.

I spoke to Shawn again on August 12 at 1:26pm and he told me he had $250 cash, but was waiting for the other half. He said Manhattan Flats was to provide the other $250 as "they made a mistake too." I told Shawn that regardless of where the money comes from, we were promised $500 cash reimbursement. I gave him Michael's work address.


We looked up "Shawn" on Galleria's website. The only "Shawn" listed was not a manager. Shawn Kim was the guy to printed out the wrong applications the day we applied for our place. A real estate salesman.

After writing an email to Mickey Roth himself, he said that Galleria did nothing wrong, yet offered Michael and I a $500 bribe (we'd get the money if we signed an agreement to not file a complaint or sue). We would not agree to those terms. This company got thousands from us and we have email, text, and witness documentation that proves their lies and incompetence. Complete misrepresentation.

I rented an apartment from this agent.


Jana ****

review date 10/12/2012 overall rating
Worked with about 5 different brokers for over a month of searching for my first apartment. Jason is unlike any other. He actually cares about his clients and does his best to find you the right fit because he understands it is your home. He is not rude, very helpful, and best of all, understanding. Most of all, he has awesome properties to choose from!

I rented an apartment from this agent.

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