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Michael ****

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Jane was awesome to deal with. After having some completely soul crushing experiences with other brokers, Jane spent a lot of time and effort working with my girlfriend and I to find us an apartment we love. She was attentive to what we were looking for and didn't put pressure on us to settle. We feel very fortunate to have worked with her because she got us into apartments that fit our criteria early when they were listed, so when we found the one we wanted we were able to secure a deposit on it first. She was a pleasure to wrok with and would DEFINITELY recommend.

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Jake ****

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My roommates and I were on our second round of apartment hunting. Last year, we'd all been through the process, and weren't looking forward to diving back into a months-long experience fraught with misleading advertising, spammy listings, and pressuring, intrusive brokers.

Imagine, then, how thrilled we were to discover Brick & Mortar, a small new company in whose every communication we found not only a recognition of this climate, but visible effort to change it. Brick & Mortar, and especially Jane, simply exude a degree of professionalism, honesty, warmth we'd never expected to find from a seller in this marketplace. This is for the simple reason that unlike every other broker or firm with whom we'd worked, Jane was there first and foremost to help us find a great place, not to attempt to earn a fee. She was never anything but genuine and responsive, and, like the rest of her company, Jane never acted as if we were a waste of her time. Her effort to win us our apartment was unprecedented, culminating in an epically last minute submission of our application — the real estate equivalent of a game-winning three-pointer from half court as the buzzer rings. But most impressive of all is Jane's success in that rarest of broker feats: she was personal, but not cloying; helpful, but not fake.

I give Jane and Brick & Mortar my highest recommendation.

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$2,7802BR, 1BA
Maspeth Ave Williamsburg
No feeExclusive
750 Sq. Ft., Pets Allowed
6 Days since update
$2,9002BR, 1BA
Manhattan Ave Williamsburg
No feeExclusive
800 Sq. Ft., Pets Allowed
8 Days since update
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Bushwick, Greenpoint, Williamsburg