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Stephanie ****

review date 12/31/2013 overall rating
My husband and I were moving from DC to NYC with only one weekend to find a place in an already crazy a rental market. Leading up to the one weekend we could come to NYC to look for a place, Devin put together a great list of options.

Here are the highlights of the experience:
- We went with another broker earlier in the day from one company and saw very mediocre options that were very limited to the specific company vs. Devin (had an aggregate of listings) gave us the best options for what was listed no matter who the property was brokered with.
- You're going to pay a brokers fee anyways, so make them work for it! Devin spent the whole afternoon with us and helping us ask questions of the property representative we had an appointment with. It really felt like we had our own broker advocating for us during the appointments.
- We found the perfect apartment and of course, with any great option there was competition for the place. Devin, as our advocate, interfaced with the landlord's broker as our communication conduit. I am normally a person who likes to go directly to the source, but in retrospect this set up was helpful so that my husband and I didn't come across as DESPERATELY wanting the apartment to the landlord and being annoying. (Which we were)
- As we were freaking out about the apartment and in limbo, Devin entertained every single call, every single text and every single email. He was so responsive that it was incredibly reassuring through out the tough negotiation for the apartment.
- Our impending move date was quickly approaching and we were packing boxes for a move without having a confirmed place since the landlord was taking their time to make a decision. Devin, sensing my anxiety, said if the place doesn't work out he would clear his schedule for me to come up and we would find a place.
- Devin got us the apartment. He helped put us at the top of the pile with the landlord/their broker since they were able to speak the same language.

Lastly, we moved in 10 days ago and Devin (just today) followed up on our move to see if everything went smoothly. Indeed it has, and we love our apartment.

I rented an apartment from this agent.

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