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Overall Rating: 2 reviews
Brokerage: Mauro Bros Real Estate Services

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Rin ****

review date 02/13/2014 overall rating
Andre Mauro is completely unprofessional and clearly doesn't like his career! The Worst Agent I've ever dealt with in the past 10 years I've been in NYC! He called me and I had to ask who he was. He did not seem like he wanted to sell to me.

Don't rent from this one! He's not a good person. Maybe he should find another career to be in... Maybe a star on the " Network!"

I did not rent an apartment from this agent.


Chanaia ****

review date 01/05/2014 overall rating
Whoever these "Mauro" brothers are, something is definitely fishy. They hang up when they call you, and send weird texts but never respond. They have three different people working the same $902 listing on multiple websites, but NEVER respond to calls or texts. Its all very eerie and I wish they'd stop putting up the same listing for a studio in Harlem that they don't respond to.

In all fairness someone named Daniel contacted me ONCE, saying one unit was rented, but that they had others. Upon asking about the others I received NO response. That listing has been up off and on on multiple sites for three weeks and its misleading because its rented.

Overall, weird people. Maybe you'll have a better experience.

I did not rent an apartment from this agent.

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