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I would not recommend using Ade. After we paid the broker fee, he basically ignored us. We still do not have a copy of our lease a month and a half after signing it, he never told our landlord about our dogs (which has now become an issue as they do not allow pets), and he has not responded to calls, texts, or emails. He seemed great at first, willing to work things out so we could get this apt, but after he was paid I guess he figured his job was done. It was not!

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Ade's Apartments

$4,500 Clinton Hill
3BR, 2BA
In-Unit Laundry, Dishwasher, Balcony, Outdoor Space, Terrace, Elevator Building
3 Days since update
$3,250 Clinton Hill
2BR, 2BA
1000 Sq. Ft., Small Dogs & Cats, Doorman, Laundry Room, Dishwasher, Elevator Building
3 Days since update
$3,500 104 Clifton Pl
3BR, 2BA
Laundry Room, Dishwasher, Balcony, Duplex, Outdoor Space, Terrace
3 Days since update
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